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Slot machines are without a doubt the most exciting game in the casino, and with the rise of online video slots and their various features, they’re becoming more engaging and interesting with every passing day.

The hype surrounding slots is founded on a few things – the colossal jackpots, the fun features, and the sheer number of free spins and slots bonuses casinos are giving away to win you over as a player. is the go-to place for the best free slot machines and games. Here you'll find hundreds of fantastic free online slots with no download or registration needed. The best online slots real money sites listed on this site have been fully tested. We have analyzed the slot paylines, slot symbols, maximum bets, and slot payout percentages. Taken from the original slot machine concept (or fruit machines as they are called in Britain), slots have become a popular gambling option in most casinos. For slots players that may be low on real money but would like to play slot games can choose from any of our recommended casino sites. We have thoroughly reviewed top gambling sites to single out the casinos with free to enter slot tournaments. To get you started, follow this easy guide when signing up at an online casino with a slot tournament.

Customer support – the best slots sites provide 5-star customer support via live chat, email and telephone with agents on hand 24/7 to assist you. By reading our online casino reviews, and considering the factors mentioned above, you can have fun playing the top UK online slots at the best casino site.

With stories of players winning $15,000,000 from a $0.30 spin found all over the web, it’s little wonder that slots are the top priority for most players.

Yet not all slot machines are created equal. There are indeed fantastic games which have potentially life-changing jackpots, but there are also plenty of dud slots which you’ll want to avoid. To learn about the best slots online and where to play them, check out the page linked to below.

RankDE Gambling SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Betway Casino100% up to €250
#2Europa Casino200% up to €500
#3Jackpot City Casino100% up to €400
#4Spinia100% up to €250
#5Spin Casino100% up to €400

We understand that it can be confusing to understand how to distinguish between great slots and the less worthy ones, how the features work, and that understanding how slot machines work can seem tough at the start.

We’ve created this page to bring you up to speed in record time. Feel free to read these sections one by one or skip ahead to the section which is most relevant to you.

How Slot Machines Work

Understanding how slot machines work doesn’t require a degree in quantum physics (thankfully). There are a certain number of reels, a set number of pay lines (patterns which make winning lines), and getting matching symbols across those lines creates payouts.

It can be helpful to think of slot machines as scratch cards in motion. Each time you spin, a new set of symbols appears on the screen, and matching certain symbols in specific patterns creates wins. Of course, symbols are worth different values, so not all payouts are equal.

Slot machines are ultimately controlled by random number generators, which are what makes casino games random and fair. This means that a complex mathematical program controls the outcome, ensuring games can’t be rigged and likewise can’t be tampered with by players.

To learn more about random number generators and how they work, check out the article below.

Of course, no one software firm has a monopoly on slot machines, and each has its own unique “flavor” as such. NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech are three of the biggest names in the online slots scene, and between them, they have created the vast majority of excellent video slots.

Understanding how each slots software provider operates, a little about the firms themselves, and some of their best games can give you a running start when it comes time to play. After all, would you rather play a game for $0.10 per spin with no features and a jackpot worth $5,000, or a game with epic features, free spins, expanding symbols, and a multi-million-dollar progressive jackpot?

Taking the time to read about the different software providers and their best games can make that difference. Check the page below out.

Types of Slot Machines

Did you know that there are distinct “types” of slot machines? Yup, that’s right – no two slot machines are exactly the same, but they can be classified according to certain categories.

For example, slots can be classified by the number of reels they have or the type of jackpot. There are three-reel slots and five-reel slots, and there are fixed jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots.

We’ve created an in-depth article explaining all of the different types of slots and their pros and cons below. If you’re interested in learning more, which will help you pick the best games, go ahead and click the button below.

Once you understand the different types of slot machines and have made a decision about which games you would like to play, the next thing to figure out is where to play them. Our site is dedicated to helping you find the best online casinos, but there are specific sites which are better at one thing or another.

If you’re interested in progressive jackpot slots, the page linked to below is for you. These are the best slots to play if you want to land life-changing wins. This page will show you the best games to play, the pros and cons of the various slots sites you can play them at, and which games currently have the biggest jackpots.

It’s possible that you’ll want to play slots for free to begin with. This has a few advantages, such as giving you a better understanding of how slots work, letting you assess individual games and their features without risking real money, and letting you test slots strategies for yourself.

The page linked to below discusses the best sites that offer free slots. We assess slots sites the same way we do online casinos as a whole – we look at various factors such as which games are offered, whether the sites are honest and trustworthy, and what the strengths and weaknesses of each individual site are.

It’s highly likely that you’re reading this on some sort of mobile device. The vast majority of people connected to the web today are using mobiles of some sort, and so are slots players.

Mobile slots players face different challenges and issues than regular players. For example, you need to be sure the games on offer at a given site function optimally on mobile devices, and the slots bonuses tend to be different for mobile players (usually a smaller amount to get things started).

The following page covers all you need to know about mobile slots sites. After reading it, you’ll know where to find the best mobile slot games, which sites are most trustworthy, and where to find the best mobile slots bonuses. Go ahead and check it out.

Slot Machine Strategies and Myths

You’ve probably seen at least one system claiming it can teach you how to beat slots every time. We’re here to tell you up front that no such system exists in reality, and anyone who is trying to sell you one will be the real financial winner in that transaction.

However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of winning. While the game is ultimately determined by a random number generator, there are things which every experienced slots player wishes they had known when they first started playing.


First, check the following page out. It discusses various popular slots strategies and discusses whether or not they actually work.

There are also a lot of myths surrounding online slots. Some of these are outright lies, and some of them have some basis in truth but have gotten blown out of proportion over time. We’ll discuss these slots myths on the page below.

Whether or not slots strategies work, there are definitely some expert slots tips which we all wish we had known a little sooner. For example, knowing how to pick the games with the highest “RTP” (return to player) can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and substantially increase your chances of winning. Check the following page out for some great slots tips which will most certainly help you. You’ll be glad you did. Condado casino hotel puerto rico.

Other Helpful Articles on Slot Machines

While you might look at a slot machine, enjoy a few spins, and think you have it all figured out, there’s actually a lot more to playing slots online than initially meets the eye.

Like with everything else, it’s the little things that count, and it’s the things you don’t see coming that will bring you down and leave you empty-handed. Taking some time to familiarize yourself with the various facets of slot machines will pay off dividends in the long run. The following pages have been designed to teach you what you need to know.

Slots Glossary

When you first encounter slot machines, you might feel a bit bamboozled by all of the different “terms.” For example, some new players are confused by what “paylines” are or how to differentiate between a standard symbol and a “wild” symbol.

We know that it can take a while to figure this all out, during which you will miss opportunities and lose money, so we decided to create the slots machine glossary linked to below to speed up the learning process.

Take the time to check this page out. Even if you only learn one thing, it could be the thing which causes you to make a decision which lands you the payout you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t go in blind and lose money!

Managing Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is important when playing any casino games, but it’s especially so when playing video slots. These games are so exciting precisely because your bankroll will fluctuate so much, and you can go from close to zero to having swollen pockets in seconds.

Likewise, you can go from having swollen pockets to broke in a few spins if you let yourself get carried away. Such is the nature of slots, and it’s important to learn how to manage your bankroll properly in order to conserve your capital and hold onto your wins.

Best Casino Slots Free Play

Check out the following page on casino bankroll management. While it’s applicable to most casino games, you’ll learn all you need to know about managing your slots bankroll, too.

Land Casinos with the Greatest Selection of Slots

Sometimes it’s nice to switch off your devices, disconnect from the digital world, and interact with real life, isn’t it? As slots players, we feel the same way, and every once in a while, we like to visit the best slots casinos in the world for some serious fun.

While there are thousands of land casinos out there, there are only a select few which make our “best slots casinos” list. These offer staggering numbers of slot machines, some huge jackpots, and of course the delicious food and high-octane entertainment which sets the best casinos apart from the average ones.

Check out the best land casinos for slots player on the page below.

Evolution of Slot Machines

Slots today are a heck of a lot different from how they started out. It’s rare to find an old-school fruit machine these days, but we still remember them with fondness, and we’re sure many of you do, too.

While those three-reel, one-armed bandits were a lot of fun (and still exist in some casinos today), there’s no doubt that the vast number of features like free spins rounds, expanding symbols, and built-in mini-games which modern video slots offer ultimately enrich the gaming experience.

Looking ahead, what does the future of slots hold? Only time will tell, but we’re already beginning to get a glimpse with the first virtual reality slots and blockchain-powered games. Slots are constantly evolving, and we’re excited to see what lies in wait.

Check out the in-depth article below for an overview of the evolution of slot machines.

Slots FAQ

Q. Which slot machine has the biggest progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpots grow until someone wins them, and then start accumulating again. Therefore, it would be impossible to give a static answer here. Check out our progressive jackpots page to find out which games are renowned for having large progressive jackpots.

Q. Is it possible to run slots cheats and win?

No, it isn’t possible to cheat slot machines. The only person who will be cheated by buying and trying to use such systems is you. Slot machine software companies tend to be extremely rich, and they didn’t get that way by building games which can be hacked and exploited.

Q. Which slot software company is the best?

There are a few contenders for the “crown” of best slot software company. Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt are all equally awesome. Games from any of these providers will be high-quality and feature-rich.

Q. Are free spins on slots really free?

New Casino Slot Videos

Yes, there are lots of genuine free spins offers online. Most have some terms and conditions attached, such as rollover/wagering requirements. However, free spins are definitely free, and if they are no-deposit free spins, then you won’t even have to deposit a minimum amount to trigger them.

Q. What is the difference between no-deposit free spins and regular free spins offers?

With no-deposit free spins, you usually don’t have to deposit any of your own cash to claim the offer. Normally, all you have to do is register a new account. With regular free spins offers, you usually need to make a qualifying deposit (often $10 or $20) to trigger the spins.

Q. Are there any rogue slots sites that will cheat me? If so, which ones should I avoid?

Unfortunately, there are a few rogue slot sites which will either steal your deposits or refuse to pay out wins. We advise you to check out our rogue casinos page and avoid every single site listed on it.

Q. Can I play slots on my mobile device?

You most certainly can. There are thousands of mobile slots and slots apps for both mobile phones and tablets. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, or another device entirely, you can enjoy most modern video slots on any mobile device.

Q. What are the advantages of playing online slots over slots in real casinos?

There are pros and cons to both. However, to answer your question directly, the advantages of online video slots are convenience, unrivaled variety, and the sheer number of free spins and other bonuses you can claim at online casinos, even if you’re not a high-roller.

Q. What is the meaning of RTP in video slots?

RTP stands for “return to player.” This is almost always denoted as a percentage, such as 96%. The percentage tells you how much money is returned to players as compared to what is bet in total. For example, a slot with a 96% RTP returns $0.96 out of every $1 bet. Naturally, the higher the RTP, the better for players.

Q. Are there any Bitcoin slot machines?

Yes, lots of casinos which offer slots accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You’ll be able to find plenty of Bitcoin slots sites in our list of casino reviews.

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Slots sites are casinos specialising in online slot machines. They come with plenty of variety. Find your favourite games and discover the best slot sites for UK players.

Experience the best slot sites

The best slot sites in the UK have a great number of games to suit every taste. Ranging from old classics to new releases, these casinos add every single title to their game roster. Take your pick!

Why look for the best slot sites on Bojoko?

Comparing slot sites can be difficult. Getting accurate information about each site is a lot of work, even if this info was readily available.

Most players don't have the time to go through this effort and pick the first decent looking site that they come across.

Best Casino Slots To Play At Casino

On Bojoko, casinos create and update their own listings with accurate info.

With our powerful comparison tool, picking the best online gambling sites becomes a breeze. Filter and sort sites based on your own preferences.

Use our ready-made filters or build your own from scratch:

  1. Go to the Comparison tool
  2. Open the filter menu and select Custom
  3. Pick your filters and click on Apply
  4. Click on Show results

Try for the top 10 slot sites [UK]

Top slot sites in the UK combine a respectable game selection with an overall awesome casino experience. Here are our all-time favourite top 10 slot sites in no particular order:

Many of the top slot sites listed above are already established websites with thousands of loyal players. You can find more by returning to our list of top-quality slot sites.

The best UK online slots sites - says who?

When picking the best slot site, there are many things to take into account. Some of them are easily measured, but our personal preferences also play a part.

To get the broadest possible sense of what makes a slot site great, we asked our:

  • Community members
  • Casino testers
  • Editorial team

Criteria for the best slot sites

These are the top 10 reasons why players just like you chose a particular slot site over another:

  • Variety of games
  • Trusted game providers
  • Good bonuses
  • Plenty of free spins
  • Quick and helpful live chat
  • Easy registration and account verification
  • Terms and wagering requirements clearly presented
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Fun tournaments
  • Appealing loyalty program

Practical tips for choosing trustworthy slot sites

Check the UK gaming licence

All our UK slots sites have a gaming licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission. When you play on licensed UK casino sites, you'll know that the casino has to comply with some of the strictest licensing conditions in the world.

Finding the following elements on a slot website should tell you that the casino is properly licensed:

  • UK Gambling Commission logo
  • A reference to the casino's licence status
  • The licence number

The first place to look is the footer on the casino's homepage. If you can't locate the licensing info there, it might be displayed on the 'About us' page instead.

Look into the slot game providers

There are plenty of slot providers out there and the selection varies from one slot site to another. Some lesser-known companies may hold some hidden gems. However, not finding any of the household names on the site should be a red flag.

The most widely available slot makers are Netent, Microgaming, Playtech Play'n GO and Scientific Games. On Bojoko, we have listed:

However, there are many fresh game suppliers producing quality slots on a regular basis.

Read reviews of the UK slots sites

Our slot site listings are created by the slot sites themselves. They in turn are rated by the Bojoko community and our casino testers.

The community ratings consist of a numeric rating with a comment summarising the players' experience.

The reviews by casino testers are more detailed. After thorough testing, including a real money deposit and withdrawal, they carefully cover all aspects of the slot site in question.

By checking out our online casino reviews, you'll know what players just like you think about these slot sites. The ratings made by users help you pick the best online slots sites to play slots and win. You can also have your say and write your own reviews to contribute!

Try slot sites with a bonus

Casino bonuses can be found on practically all casinos and UK slot sites are no exception.

There are plenty of options to choose from. They're targeted at slightly different player types:

  • No deposit bonuses and free spins have you spinning in no time without needing to make a deposit
  • Low wagering bonuses and no wagering bonuses have simple terms and offer great value
  • Deposit match bonuses can give you a nice boost to your gaming budget right from the start

Play with ease on top mobile slot sites

Mobile slot sites are 100% optimised for all smart devices, i.e. mobile phones and tablets. Play your favourite games whenever you like, wherever you like.

Good mobile slot sites have a wide selection of games and top-notch usability. They offer payment methods specially tailored for smartphones. The support team will help you with all matters related to mobile gaming.

Practically all slots sites are mobile friendly in 2020. User experience varies and may be better on new slot sites. However, many established slot sites update themselves regularly to keep up with the competition.

Take your pick from the list found on this page and spin the reels with your smartphone!


Although it's hard to name a single best slot site, here are some great options to start with:

Not all slot sites publish their payout rate. From those that do, here are the 3 best slot sites for winning:

  • Hyper Casino - 97.0%
  • Tonybet - 97.0%
  • VideoSlots - 95.7%

As long as the site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, it can be considered trustworthy. On Bojoko, we only show UK-licensed online slot sites.

Being licensed by the Gambling Commission means following very strict licensing conditions. Breaking them often results in fines and/or losing the gambling licence. That's why licensed slot sites have a strong incentive to play fair and keep their licence.

New casino slot videos

Although there are some sites focused 100% on slots, most also offer a wider range of games. These include:

  • Jackpot games
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Scratch cards
  • Lottery
  • + many more

Check out our Casino games page to learn more about different types of games.

Best Casino Slots Free Download

Yes. You can either:

Best Casino Slots To Play

  • Test the slots in free mode to learn how they work, or
  • Get a no deposit bonus and have a chance to win real money

In the UK, both of these options require you to create an account on a slot site.

Offering no deposit bonuses is one of the main channels for slot sites to acquire new players. A free sign-up bonus gives you a possibility to win money without depositing your own cash.

On the No deposit bonuses page you can see all UK casinos offering no deposit free spins and other free sign up bonuses.

Slot sites usually offer the registration bonus as no deposit free spins. Sometimes you can also get free bonus money without making a deposit.

Free spins are given to a specific online slot, whereas free bonus cash can be used for practically any game. Only the highest RTP slots, table games and live dealer casino games are usually excluded from bonus play.

Best Casino Slots And Bingo

Read the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonuses to avoid any hidden catches. Make sure wagering requirements, withdrawal caps, maximum bets and restricted games don't come to you as a surprise.

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