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Free gambling slots online. There’s no greater rush than picking off a big bluff or getting called when you have the nuts in poker. What’s great is that you can now experience that feeling from just about anywhere thanks to the growth of real money poker apps.

Ignition Bonus Codes: Ignition Poker Sign Up: Best Poker Sites & Apps Bovada Poker Review: Poker has a long tradition in the US, from boom to bust. There is a new era in real money USA poker games as individual states license and regulate the games. So far, there are four legal states for real money online poker: Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania (where PokerStars launched in 2020 and PartyPoker is expected to follow) and New Jersey.

You can now play Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, or any of your favorite poker variations for real money from wherever you may be, as long as you have a mobile device. Want to get dealt in now? Here are the best US online poker apps taking players for real money action right now!

RankOnline CasinoKey InfoBonus InfoVisit Casino
  • Generous Bonus Offer
  • Crypto Banking Available
  • Great Choice for US Players
  • Top Rated US Poker Site
  • Visa, MC, Amex, BTC
  • Fast Cashouts (3 Hrs.)
  • 100% up to $1,000 Bonus
  • Large Banking Selection
  • Fast Cashouts (12 Hrs.)
  • Great Site for Mobile
  • Biggest US Network Traffic
  • 100% up to $1,000 Bonus

Features That Make These the Top Poker Apps

If you’ve spent any length of time in the game, you’ll know that not all poker apps or online poker sites are created equally. There are literally hundreds of different features and factors that make one casino app better than the rest. While some of these come down to personal preference, there are some that are universal across the board for all players. When we’re making our ranking lists, here are five of the most important features of poker apps that offer real money games.

Plenty of Players and a Sea Full of Fish

Unlike other games traditionally offered in the casino, poker is no fun if there’s no one else to play with. In fact, if there is actually no one else, you can’t play at all. When we’re looking with USA poker apps and determining if we’re going to recommend them, one of the first things we look at is player volume. Are there games regularly running? Is it just one type of game, or are there multiple variations and stake levels?

Additionally, we know a few ways to check the difficulty of the games. Are the games shark-infested or is there easy money to be had? If you’re looking to prove yourself against the best in the world, you won’t like our list of the best poker apps. But if you like winning real money the easiest way possible, you’ll love what we have to say.

Intuitive User Interface

The game of poker is challenging enough on its own without having to worry about mistakes or misreading situations because of the software. All of the US poker apps we recommend have superior user interfaces that make understanding the action, making real money bets, and knowing your position in tournaments simple.

Some great poker sites miss the mark when they move to mobile, so we definitely spend extra time checking these things out.

Poker Tournaments and Real Money Games

We’re aware that not all poker players like to play the same types of games. Some like cash games, some like sit and gos, and some like multi-table tournaments. Whatever your preference is, it’s important that mobile poker apps in the US offer you the ability to get the action you seek. While it’s not always perfect, we do our best to recommend online poker apps with action across the board. Additionally, we do our best to recommend poker rooms with options across multiple stake levels.

  • Do they offer cash games?
  • Do they offer sit and gos?
  • Do they offer multi-table tournaments?
  • Do they offer heads-up action (tournaments and cash)?
  • Do they offer micro-stakes, low stakes, mid-stakes, and high stakes?

Rakeback and Poker Bonuses

You may or may not be aware that poker sites offer loyal players kickbacks for their play. Sometimes, this comes in the form of deposit bonuses, and other times, it comes in the form of rakeback. Regardless of the format, if it’s out there, we think you should take advantage of it. All of the top United States poker apps we recommend have some sort of lucrative bonus structure set up for new and existing players. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll be pleased with the options we’ve presented for you.

Fast Payouts Through Multiple Banking Options

The best part about online poker is waiting extremely long periods of time to collect your winnings, right? Yeah, we didn’t think so. When you’re winning, you don’t want to have to wait long to get paid, and we don’t think you should either. All of the options we recommend are fast payout poker apps. They each have several different banking methods to get you paid quickly, safely, and efficiently. Long gone are the days where you should have to wait to get paid from online poker.

Are These Real Money Poker Apps Compatible With My Mobile Device?

iPhone? Android? iPad? Tablet? Windows device? Whatever mobile device you’re working with, there are top mobile poker apps available for you to choose from. In the early days of the US poker app industry, this was not the case. The only options were iPhone poker apps, and even those options were limited and not the best quality.

Today, though, you’ll find incredible poker apps online for iPhone and poker apps for Android. Using an iPad or other Apple device? No worries! All of these options also double as iOS poker apps.

Tips for Choosing the Right US Poker App

1. Check Volumes During the Times You Would Be Playing

As we’ve already mentioned, poker apps are worthless if there’s no one playing. Some betting apps have a lot of daytime players, while others have many recreational nighttime and weekend players. On some occasions, the online poker apps are not located in your region, and their main player base is from a different country.

For example, European-based poker apps with mainly nighttime recreational players are actually great for US players looking to play during the daytime due to the time zone differences. The best way to see if online poker apps are a good fit for you is to check the lobbies at the exact times you want to play. If you’re happy with the volume, sign up!

2. Utilize Multiple Online Poker Apps If Needed

Game selection is a big key to being a profitable poker player. If you’re smart about choosing who you play against, you can give yourself a big advantage. One of the best ways to give yourself a leg up when it comes to game selection is to widen the pond where you’re fishing.

By joining multiple real money poker apps, you’re able to look through way more tables to find the easiest games that best fit your style of play. A few minutes dedicated to game selection can go a long way in helping your bottom line.

3. Don’t Be Scared to Move Poker Apps If Necessary

What happens if you join a poker site and find out it’s not a great fit? Or what happens if you join a poker site and the action dries up? There’s no reason to continue playing there. You are under no contract or obligation to continue playing somewhere that isn’t optimal for you.

If for some reason you aren’t happy with the betting apps you’re using, cash out your money and try somewhere new! Professional players do this all the time to chase the best games and the best action.

4. Ensure the Online Casino Has a Sufficient Withdrawal Option

Whenever anyone signs up for betting apps, they always check the deposit options because that’s necessary to get started. What doesn’t get checked, though, is withdrawal options. Unless you’re planning on playing and losing, you’ll want to make sure you have a way to get your winnings off when the time comes.

Often, this can and will be the same as your deposit method. Sometimes that’s not the case, though, especially with credit card deposits. Take a minute and just make sure the online poker apps have a withdrawal option you’re happy with.

5. Take Advantage of Casino Play Money

Best Online Poker Apps Real Money Games

Almost all of the top USA poker apps will give you the ability to play their tables for free. This is an incredibly valuable option to test out the software and see if you’re a fan. Even if you’ve already decided on a poker app to use for real money, we still recommend making a pit stop at the play money tables.

Why? It’s a great way to make sure you understand how all of the buttons work.

You can learn how to fold, call, and raise without any real money on the line. If you make a mistake while you’re learning the ropes, it won’t cost you anything.

Poker Apps FAQ

  • Yes, as long as you stay with one of the options we’ve recommended. We work hard to ensure we’re only recommending the safest mobile poker apps out there. Are the mobile poker apps that aren’t listed here safe? Maybe, but we can’t be sure. What we can be sure of is that the options listed here have exceeded the standard to be called safe and secure.

  • Can I Make a Living Playing Games on These Poker Apps?

    Definitely! Unlike traditional casino games, poker is a game of skill and a competition between players, not between the player and the house. This means it’s a game that’s beatable long term. That being said, being a professional poker player does take a lot of hard work and discipline, so make sure it’s a good fit before you make the leap.

  • How Long Does It Take to Get My Winnings From the Top Poker Apps?

    Depending on the real money withdrawal option you utilize, it should take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. There are some methods that are slower than this, but that will be clearly marked and will be your choice if you want to utilize them. Typically, the fastest cashouts are through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and the slowest is through paper checks sent by a courier.

  • Is Playing US Poker Apps Legal in My State or Country?

    The answer to this question is completely dependent on where you live and what the current status of the laws are. If you live in the United States, it’s going to vary state by state. To help you make the most of your situation, you can check out our individual state legal guides now.

Nothing quite like playing poker in real life – physically being there and laying your cards down on the table, raking in the chips and seeing through your opponents’ game faces.

Best Online Poker Apps Real Money

But for those of us who are constantly on the move, mobile poker games can conveniently deliver most of the aspects we love so much about poker, including the thrill of taking home the winning pot.

Top Poker Rooms: Android & iOS Mobile Poker Apps


If you’re one of those people, then you’d be pleased to know that we’ve picked out the most reliable real money poker apps on both Android and iOS platforms for you to be able to play poker anywhere, provided you have a reliable internet connection.


888Poker is the second biggest online poker website in the world and has a poker app available for both Android and iOS platforms. A powerful contender for the best real money poker app out there, 888poker strives to be user-friendly, with its intuitive interface and decently-sized buttons, decreasing the chances of slipping up due to pressing the wrong button. 888poker boasts a plethora of quality-of-life features including quick-seating, player chat, a smooth bet slider, Webcam poker tournaments, and a web cashier. The app is well-optimized, thus the game itself runs without a hitch on a reasonably steady connection.


partypoker has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 24 months and has become a favourite poker room with players from around the world. Their mobile poker app is currently available for Android only.

The partypoker app hosts over 2000 players and over 1000 active tables at all times, so you’ll never run out of people to play with.

Unibet Poker

Unibet poker has a cool mobile app which is available for Android devices and iOS tablets only. Unibet Poker features an attractive interface, with the option to change your player avatar and name to maintain anonymity. Players can take part in Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash games, with sit-and-go and high-speed games too.


Poker For Real Money Online

The biggest online poker website in the world has an innovative poker app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. PokerStars offers a variety of game modes, including sit-and-go’s, ZOOM, and all of the other offerings they also have on their desktop client. PokerStars also boasts features like player chat, player search, quick-seating, a web cashier, and seamless switching from the desktop client to the mobile app, even while in the middle of a game. Players can play four tables at once on the Android app, but the iOS app bumps this up to five concurrent tables.