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Water Holes, Lower Antelope, Upper Antelope. Are these the names of hiking trails? No, they’re Arizona slot canyons located on the Navajo Reservation near Page, Arizona. Alan and I discovered the photogenic gems while on a photo workshop. But you don’t have to be a boomer photographer to enjoy exploring canyons carved by nature’s power. Walking through the twists and turns of Arizona’s slot canyons will spark the imagination of any active travel enthusiast.

There are many slot canyons in the area around Page, Arizona. In my opinion, Rattlesnake Canyon is the most sinuous and interesting to traverse. Rattlesnake Canyon is part of the Upper Antelope Canyon wash system, and one passes right by Rattlesnake on the way to Upper Antelope. Photographically, I have not produced many satisfying images in Rattlesnake Canyon but it was a lot of fun to. Antelope Slot Canyon Tours by Chief Tsosie is located in Page Arizona, right next to the great Lake Powell, and in the center of the Grand Circle. Navajo owned and operated by Rosalind Tsosie, you’ll enjoy our personal tour of the breathless Antelope Canyon and other spectacular adventures!

Upper Antelope Canyon: an easy-to-explore Arizona slot canyon.

Best sports gambling sites canada. Upper Antelope Canyon is the easiest Arizona slot canyon to maneuver. After paying a hiking and permit fee (around $21 on our last visit), a truck takes visitors from the starting point off Highway 89 near Page, Arizona, to the canyon’s opening. Access is via a level, sandy path—no stairs or climbing involved. A Navajo guide accompanies travelers through the canyon on a one-hour trip where a combination of water and sand has etched the walls into a wonderland of texture and curves. Beams of sunlight shine down from the cracks in the canyon overhead. When the wind blows, dust drifts in swirling through the light in a ghostly dance.

Lower Antelope Canyon: adventure and photography fun

Adventure seekers will prefer Lower Antelope Canyon. Located on Copper Mine Rd. off Highway 89, entrance requires a permit and hiking fee (around $21 at the time of my visit). To reach the slot canyon, visitors follow the guide along a crack in the earth’s stony surface until it widens, leading to stairs that descend into the canyon. Warning! This is not an adventure for claustrophobics. They way is narrow but oh so worth it. Alan and I spent almost three hours exploring this photogenic fun house, slipping through narrow passageways, maneuvering several short drops via stairs, craning our necks for the view above us. When the light peeps in through overhead cracks, the textured walls turn into purple, yellow and orange curtains of rippling stone.

Water Holes Canyon: know where you’re going

Water Holes Canyon involves a bit of orienteering. A permit and hiking fee is required to access this Arizona slot canyon located south of Page on Highway 89. There’s no signage on the highway to direct you so it’s best to go with someone who’s familiar with the area. After a short hike, the canyon is accessed by walking down its sloping walls. The portion of Water Holes that we visited is not as dramatic as Lower or Upper Antelope and has a more rugged feel to it.

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Exploring Arizona’s slot canyons is one of our favorite adventures in the American Southwest and a boomer travel experience that Alan and I will be repeating. But, we won’t be going during monsoon season when flash floods make hiking in the canyons a dangerous endeavor.

MP 308 Hwy 98 #3784, Page, AZ 86040 « Phone: (928) 660-8890

Taadidiin Tours is happy to be the only tour operater to offer guided tours to Antelope Canyon X and Cardiac Canyon. Both canyons are located within the same Antelope Canyon as the iconic Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Taadidiin Tours is located approx. 10 miles southeast of Page, AZ on Highway 98 at milepost 307.8. Reservations are recommended Holiday weekends. Taadidiin Tours is open everyday from 9am to 3pm (MST). Taadidiin Tours specializes in small groups to provide the most memorable customer experience possible.


Antelope Canyon X

Best Slot Canyon Page Arizona

Canyon X Hiking and Photo tours begin at MP 307.8 on Highway 98 near Page, AZ on the Navajo Nation Reservation. After parking and payment customers will be transported in a 4X4 transport vehicle 3 miles to the mouth of the Canyon X. Customers will hike 100 meters into Canyon X. At the bottom Taadidiin Tour Guides will assist customers tour the first slot canyon. After the first slot canyon is complete Guides will accompany customers on the 200 meter walk to the second slot canyon.

Best Slot Canyons In Az

Cardiac Canyon

Slot Canyons In Arizona

The Cardiac Canyon Photo tour is the ultimate hiking/photo tour adventure. Less than 100 people have ever visited Cardiac Canyon. The tour begins at MP 307.8 on Highway 98 near Page, AZ on the Navajo Nation Reservation. Customers will be transported 7 miles in a transport vehicle to the entrance of the canyon. Customers and their guide will hike 90 meters down the Cardiac Sand Dune into the canyon. It is recommended to wear hiking shoes, appropriate clothing. Bring extra water and sunscreen.