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With Blackhawk Automotive, SFA offers the most popular items in professional lifting under a brand name that has stood for quality and durability for years. Every item in this line is a top mover making Blackhawk Automotive a favorite with distributors and with the. Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack also features the bypass device that preventing the damage from over pumping. Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack also features the built-in internal safety valve and vent plug to ensures the safe operation. 3½Ton (7,000 Lbs.) Lift Capacity - Fast Lifting Technology. Parts Power Tools Pressure Washers Safety Security Equipment Snow + Ice Removal. Blackhawk Automotive Jacks Refine search. Sort By: Compare. Item# 144623 Quick Info. Blackhawk Automotive 10-Ton Air Actuated Service Floor Jack — Model# BH6011.


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Blackhawk transmission jack parts breakdown

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Blackhawk Jack Parts
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It is a machine used to lift the weight of the car by actuating a lever and to make a tire change or do some maintenance to the vehicle; they are generally classified according to the weight capacity they can support or the level of elevation they offer.

It is the most common to climb almost any car. They are simple to use, they are generally compact, lightweight and fit perfectly in the spare tire compartment. The structure in the form of floor jack activated with the rotation of a large screw causes both parts of the piece to separate, raising the vehicle.

The same must always be part of the vehicle emergency team and although they are generally for average car weights, you must ensure that it suits your vehicle.

For its great capabilities, they are used in garages or mechanics. Blackhawk floor jack truck has a wheelbase that facilitates the movement because they are usually big and heavy. Also check our article on fixing a floor jack that won’t lift.

A Complete Guide To Repair A Blackhawk Floor Jack

They are the most enduring and reliable system, so they are more expensive and ideal for workshops. This is the instrument which is used by people who frequently maintain cars for their ability to withstand continuous use.

Suppose if your tires ever fail and you are stranded on a highway, it is best to have the Blackhawk floor jack and even though your car has probably included one, it is almost certain that its quality will be somewhat deficient and nothing is less convenient than having an emergency instrument that will not respond to you as it should, so having a good system is as important as a cross key or any other piece of car for your vehicle to work perfectly.

In any case, if the Blackhawk floor jack makes problem follow the below steps to repair it:

Step 1

Drain the oil from the faucet by commencing the lid of the oil tank and drain out as much as viable. Keep in mind that there may also nevertheless be oil in other parts of the consumption.

Step 2

Remove the handle assembly via unbolting it. There are usually 2 or 3 pins concerned and the technique will range relying on the kind of shot you are working on.

You will be capable of skip this step with a few floor shot. Put off the piston from the pump with the aid of pulling it. It needs to include some traction. The best option is to place the gadget in a vice.

Step 3

Put off the release valve with the aid of unscrewing the cap. There is a ball or a pin underneath. Use the pencil magnet to lift this.

Step 4

Eliminate the overload valve. That is typically located near the exhaust valve. Unscrew the lid and dispose of it. Internal are usually two balls and two springs. Do away with these with the pencil magnet and write down the order in which they got here out.

Step 5

Take away the nut from the tank with the pipe wrench. The tank nut is the nut at the pinnacle of the bottle. As soon as this has been removed the piston is released and the components should slide apart. Take note of what slips out of what in order that they may be placed again together inside the equal order.

Step 6

Study all O-rings and pinch washers, pauses, and caps. Replace those who need to be replaced.

Whilst levering the seals of the metal parts make sure to lever away from the sealing floor, otherwise, you may harm the sealing floor and compromise the seal. You may help with the preliminary seal if you soak all O-rings and smooth washers in oil earlier than placing them in place.

Step 7

Slide the piston parts returned collectively, along with your referral notes. Slide the piston again into the bottle and comfortable it with the tank nut.

Step 8

Update the overload valve. Replace the balls and comes to the use of your notes to give the order, even though the ordinary order is the small, the smallest, spring, and then the massive ball and the first-rate spring. Reference your notes for the position of the publications, plates and whatever else. Update the discharge valve.

Drop the ball or pin in a region and replace the cap. Replace the pump plunger by using pushing it back into the region. Update the components of the managed assembly to be removed to attain the pump piston.

Step 9

Placed the oil back to the tank, and check the jack to lift a load. Clean the connector with the cloth before starting the crane and test the outside after lifting the leakage assessments.

Blackhawk Automotive Transmission Jack Parts

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Blackhawk Jack Parts Diagram

These Blackhawk floor jacks are the best and most affordable in the current market. In case of repairing the jack we can find other models, but we will have to pay a high price. To solve the repairing problems of the jack, the above mention steps are the most suitable. Also check our article on repairing a walker floor jack.