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The figure of Blackjack has created quite a rumored history for itself over the past 200 years. There are stretches in which this legendary figure disappears for years, even decades at a time. Yet when the populace needs him, Blackjack is there to help. A play through of adventure 1., Haunted Fortunes, of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Storybook for the PATHFINDER ADVENTURE CARD GAME. #dalethecasualgamer #pathfinderadventurecardgame #.

At dawn, you joined the Sun Shaman in the Blessing of the Ancestors (a Shoanti ritual meant to provide insight into future).

  • You summoned forth the spirit of Zellara.
  • Zellara channeled the wisdom of the spirit realm and told your future in the form of a song (see below)
  • As the ritual concluded, each of you were infused with spiritual energy; your souls were bolstered and one piece of armor or weapon on each of you was also infused.

Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills and his Thundercallers escorted you to Kaer Maga.

Blackjack curse of the crimson throne movie

You traveled to Kaer Maga, arriving just after sunset.

You spent the day in Kaer Maga selling your treasure and buying new items.

You traveled to Korvosa, arriving in Harse well after dark.


  • You had a chance to check in with Neolandus Kalepopolis and Vencarlo Orisini. They are both doing well, but are still suffering from their treatment in the Vivified Labyrinth.
  • As you traveled from Flameford to Korvosa, you continued ScryingCinnabar twice a day.
  • You didn’t get much more information, but you did see two of Cinnabar allies: Kordaitra Destaid and a woman with ash-colored skin and bright red hair.
  • The red-headed woman seemed to be scolding Cinnabar.

You entered Korvosa via Wind Walk to gather some information and gain entry to the Dead Warrens.

  • You found the entrance to the Dead Warrens had been sealed and a pair of Pharasman priests were tending the deal.
  • You tried to gain entrance to the Dead Warrens, but the priests told you no one was allowed inside “because of all the Undead coming up from below.”
  • You learned that the Bank of Abadar has proclaimed for the Queen, with the Archbanker officially recognizing Ileosa as “Korvosa’s greatest opportunity for recovery.”
  • This declaration has created a schism within the church, with many of the younger priests denouncing the decision and (in many cases) leaving the church.
  • The Temple of Asmodeus has also sided with the Queen, appreciative of the brutal efficiency of the Queen’s Gray Maidens.
  • The church of Sarenrae spoke out against the queen, at first. Shortly thereafter, their high priestess was assassinated and the rest of the church (grudgingly) fell into line.
  • The church of Shelyn has issued a letter supporting the Queen, but is otherwise keeping a low profile.
  • The churches of Sarenrae and Shelyn still have their hands full with helping the city recover from the Blood Veil and the riots.
  • Old Korvosa is still a mess.
  • The Gray Maidens have increased their numbers dramatically. While not yet large enough to take over completely from the Korvosan Guard, it won’t be long.
  • While no proclamation has been made, it is an open secret the Red Mantis are working for the Queen,
  • Finally, you learned that the seal over the Dead Warrens is a ruse. You can gain access by giving the priests the password, “Blackjack.”

After gaining access to the Dead Warrens, you met with Bishop Keppira d’Bear, Boule, and Cressida Kroft.

  • Boule is the man with the plan.
  • He has lured Kordaitra into staying in her quarters
  • Boule gives you a map of Deathhead Vault (see below) and some keys.
  • He also gives you the following information:

Blackjack Curse Of The Crimson Throne Movie

“Yes, let me get right to the point. We may operate on different sides of the law, but we can agree that Ileosa is not good for Korvosa. I want her gone as much as you. And while I feel that neither I nor my… associates… are the right ones for the task, you, brave adventurers, have proven time and time again that you are precisely what Korvosa needs.'

Blackjack Curse Of The Crimson Throne Wiki

“Without the Gray Maidens to police the streets or the Red Mantis to stalk the alleys, Ileosa’s grip on Korvosa will slip. Yet in their fortress at the Longacre Building, the Red Mantis and the Gray Maidens are bolstered against attack, and many who work within the building may yet be innocent, forced to comply with the queen against their will. But as it happens, I know of a back door into the chambers below. I know the secret to Deathhead Vault.”

Crimson Throne Pdf

You plan to assault Deathhead Vault tomorrow.