Body Slots Mcm Sse

Page 1 of 2 - Bodyslide not changing the body ingame - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Mod Troubleshooting: So I recenlty uninstalled all my mods and reinstalled SE altogether so I could switch over to Vortex.lots of hassle and I still dont think all the mods were properly removed because joy of perspective is still installed even though I dont have the mod downloaded, and its all broken.

  1. A Simple MCM Menu Fix for many SSE Mods PC SSE - Mod If you're using Campfire, Frostfall, Wearable Lanterns, HDT High Heels, Holidays, iNeed, or Wet & Cold on SSE and have broken MCM menus, this will fix it.
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It is highly suggested to set the overall game difficulty to Adept or higher.



  • Dialog Subtitles: Enabled
  • Depth of Field: Minimum possible value


  • Quicksave: F9
  • Quickload: F10

MCM Settings

A Matter of Time

General → Symbol 1:

  • Show Moon Phases: Enabled
  • Show Seasons: Enabled

Display → Symbol 1:

  • Scale: 60%
  • Horizontal Anchor: Right
  • Horizontal Offset: -50
  • Vertical Offset: 0

Body Slots Mcm Sse Price

Display → In-Game Clock:

  • Scale: 70%
  • Horizontal Anchor: Right
  • Horizontal Offset: -45
  • Vertical Offset: 48

Display → In-Game Date:

  • Scale: 70%
  • Horizontal Anchor: Right
  • Horizontal Offset: -45
  • Vertical Offset: 57

Cathedral Weather

Settings → General:

  • Configuration Spell: Disabled

Settings → Weather:

  • Seasonal Perspective: Enabled

Complete Alchemy

Cooking → Water:

  • Craft Water - Disabled
  • Get Water from Wells - Disabled

Basic Needs → Hunger & Fatigue:

  • Enable Hunger Penalties - Disabled

Help → Troubleshooting:

  • Ragdoll Paralysis - Disabled

Complete Crafting

Recipe Display → Crafting Menu Filters:

  • Crafting Categories: Disabled
  • Item Type Filters: Disabled
  • Breakdown Recipes: Enabled

Crafting Options → Additional Items:

  • Artifact Replicas: Enabled
  • Matching Circlets Sets: Enabled

Learning & XP → Smithing Experience:

  • Tanning Rack:0.1
  • Smelter:0.2
  • Mining 20

Learning & XP → Learn to Craft:

  • Learning Points required to Craft: 250

Mining and Materials→ Mining:

  • Mining Presets: FASTER MINING

Mining and Materials→ Firewood:

  • Firewood per chop:6
  • Max per activation: 1

Deadly Dragons

Dragons → Presets:

  • Difficulty: Expert

Dragons → Special:

  • Knockdown: Disabled

Diverse Dragons Col. 3


  • Nether Dragon: Disabled
  • Sanguine Dragon: Disabled
  • Vile Dragon: Disabled

Easy Wheel

General → Mode selection:

  • Use Swap mode: Enabled
  • Show: M5 (Or whatever hotkey you like)
  • Next: Arrow Right Key (Or whatever hotkey you like)
  • Previous: Arrow Left Key (Or whatever hotkey you like)

Available Functions Loaded Mods:

  • Hearthfire Multi Kid Adoption: Hidden
  • Dovahkiin's Relax: Hidden
  • Simple Action: Hidden

Configuration Wheel Layout:

  • Current Wheel:2
  • 1: Horses Whistle
  • 2: Horse Call

ESF: Companions

Requirements → Requirements Before Your Trial:

  • Player Level: 30

Requirements → Requirements Before Joining The Circle:

  • Player Level: 40

Requirements → Requirements Before Kodlak's Request:

  • Player Level: 60

Expanded Towns

Settings → Fortification Walls:

  • Dawnstar: Disabled
  • Falkreath: Disabled
  • Morthal: Disabled
  • Winterhold: Disabled

EVG Condictional Idles

Player → Movement Enabled:

  • Modesty Males: Disabled
  • Modesty Female: Disabled

NPC → Movement Enabled:

  • NPC Modesty Males: Disabled
  • NPC Modesty Female: Disabled

Farmhouse Chimneys

Mod Support → Arthmoor Village Options:

  • Darkwater Crossing: Enabled
  • Dawnstar: Enabled
  • Dragon Bridge: Enabled
  • Falkreath: Disabled
  • Ivarstead: Enabled
  • Karthwasten: Enabled
  • Keld-Nar: Enabled
  • Kynesgrove: Enabled
  • Rorikstead: Enabled
  • Shor's Stone: Enabled
  • Soljund's Sinkhole: Enabled
  • Whistling Mine: Enabled

Mod Support → New Villages:

  • Helarchen Creek: Enabled
  • Oakwood: Enabled

Mod Support → Misc Mods:

  • Cutting Room Floor: Enabled

Mod Support → Mod Compatibility:

  • Expanded Towns and Cities: Enabled

Follower Framework

Activity → Sandboxing:

  • Only Sandbox In Towns: Enabled
  • Multi-Level Sandboxing: Enabled

Activity → Mounts:

  • Mount Support: No Support

Gameplay → Bleedout:

  • Potion Recovery: Any (Weak To Strong)



Do not activate Frostfall until after you exit the cave in Helgen if you are playing the vanilla start.

Overview → Frostfall Status:

  • Frostfall Is: Enabled (This will require you to exit and reload the MCM)

Gameplay → Fast Travel & Waiting:

  • Disable Fast Travel: Enabled
  • Disable Waiting While Outdoors: Enabled

Meters → General Meter Advanced Settings:

  • Layout Preset: Bottom Left

Meters → Exposure Meter Advance Settings:

  • X Position: 640.0
  • Y Position: 0.0
  • Horizontal Anchor: Center
  • Vertical Anchor: Top

Meters → Wetness Meter Advance Settings:

  • X Position: 0.0
  • Y Position: 726.5

Meters → Temperature Meter Advance Settings:

  • Fill Direction: Right
  • X Position: 1315.0
  • Y Position: 726.5
  • Horizontal Anchor: Right

GIST Soul Trap

Main → Notifications:

  • Show message on soul lost: Disabled
  • Show message on soul shrunk: Disabled
  • Show message on soul displaced: Disabled
  • Show message on soul trapped: Enabled

Main → Leveling:

  • Enable leveling system: Enabled
  • Skill: Enchanting

Immersive Armors

Armor Options → Distribution:

  • Barbarian Hero Armor: DISABLED

Immersive Creatures

General → General:

  • Select Version Preset: Purist - No Spiders

Additional Spawns → Spawn Types:

  • Animals Spawns: Disabled
  • Ore Guardian Spawns: Disabled

Night Spawns → Spawn Time:

  • Start: 19 PM
  • End: 6 AM

Difficulty Adjustments → Global Difficulty:

  • Assign Global Difficulty: Adept

Difficulty Adjustments → Creature Spawn Difficulty:

  • Additional Spawns: Medium

Immersive HUD

Activation → Compass Activation:

  • Key press toggles: Enabled


  • Enable fast fade of magicka: Enabled
  • Enable fast fade of stamina: Enabled

Inn Room Costs

Mod Options:

  • Default room cost: 80
  • Use checkout time: Enabled

Vanilla Game Inns:

  • Braidwood Inn: 50
  • Dead Man's Drink: 100
  • Frostfruit Inn: 60
  • Nightgate Inn: 50
  • Silver-Blood Inn: 120
  • The Bannered Mare: 100
  • The Frozen Hearth: 80
  • The Winking Skeever: 200
  • Windpeak Inn: 60
  • Candlehearth Hall: 150
  • Four Shields Tavern: 80
  • Moorside Inn: 80
  • Old Hroldan Inn: 60
  • Sleeping Giant Inn: 50
  • The Bee and Barb: 90
  • The Retching Netch: 50
  • Vilemyer Inn: 60

iWant RND Widgets


Make sure Realistic Needs and Diseases had started up first


X position - 1235
Y position - 700


shape- Horizontal


Satiated - White
Peckish - Green


Not Thirsty - White
Slightly Thirsty - Green


Joker movie online free. Not Tired - White
Slightly Tired - Green


None - White

Keep It Clean

Settings → Toggles:

  • Start Keep It Clean: Enabled

Lock Overhaul


  • Activate Lock Overhaul: Enabled (This will require you to exit and reload the MCM)

General → General Settings:

  • Allow increasing skill: Enabled
  • Enable the sound effect: Enabled
  • Enable Crime: Enabled

Smash Locks → Smash Locks:

  • Activate Smash Locks: Enabled
  • Allow Weapons: Two + One Handed

Unlock with Magic → Unlock Spell:

  • Enable Unlock Spell: Enabled
  • Frost effect Required Skill malus: -0

Legacy of The Dragonborn

LOTD Settings → General → Shipment Crate Locations:

  • Carriages: Enabled
  • Inns: Enabled
  • Player Houses: Enabled

Moonlight Tales


  • Transform Back Stagger: Disabled
  • Werewolf Loot: Disabled


  • Werewolf Appearance: Alpha (Black with Red Eyes)


Enemy's Level → General:

  • Show Enemy Level: Disabled
  • Show Soul Level: Disabled

Enemy's Level → Enemy Meters:

  • Show Magicka Meter: Disabled
  • Show Stamina Meter: Disabled

Not So Fast MG

Minimum Days Before Event:

  • Saarthal Expedition: 3
  • Psijic Monk Visit: 7
  • Brelyna's Practice: 4
  • J'Zargo's Experiment: 4
  • Onmund's Request: 4

Not So Fast MQ

Minimum Days Before Events:

  • First Dragon Sighting: 3
  • Note From Delphine: 6


  • No Negotiations: Enabled

OBIS - Patrols

Settings → Bandit Patrols:

  • Enable?: Enabled

Settings → Difficulty:

  • How Tough?: Toughest

Predator Vision


  • Nightvision activation key: V
  • Predator vision activation key: H


  • Nightvision Color: 30%
  • Predator Vision Color Boost: 70%

Activation sounds:

  • Nightvision: Sound 2


  • Werewolves get Predator Vision as humans: Enabled

Quick Light

  • Brightness - Bright

Realistic Needs

Basic Needs:

  • Start RND

Realistic Water Two

Mod Options → Blacksmith Forge Water:

  • The Fall of Granite Hill: Enabled
  • Kynesgrove: Enabled
  • Rorikstead: Enabled
  • Expanded Towns and Cities SSE: Enabled


General → Item List:

  • Font Size: Small
  • Category Icon Theme: CELTIC

Controls → Favorite Groups:

  • Group 5: F5
  • Group 6: F6
  • Group 7: F7
  • Group 8: F8

Advanced → SWF Version Checking:

  • Map Menu: Disabled
  • Favorites Menu: Disabled
  • Inventory Menu: Disabled
  • Barter Menu: Disabled
  • Container Menu: Disabled
  • Crafting Menu: Disabled

Skyrim’s Unique Treasures

SUT Configuration → Configuration Options:

  • Immersive Ownership: Enabled
  • Lore friendly items only: Enabled

Storm Lightning

Presets → Load Preset:

  • Realistic: Enabled

Settings → Fork Lightning:

  • Minimum Fork Distance: 1

Thieves Guild Requirements

Main Quest → Requirements to Begin Recruitment Quest:

  • Sneak: 25
  • Items Stolen: 250

Main Quest → Requirements to Begin 3rd Quest:

  • Radiant Jobs Completed: 20
  • Randomize: Enabled
  • Sneak Skill 35

Main Quest → Requirements to Begin 4th Quest:

  • Radiant Jobs Completed: 40
  • Sneak Skill 45

Radiant Quests : → Radiant Job Options:

Bedlam Job 500

Radiant Quests → City Influence Quests:

  • Randomize: Enabled

Misc Options → Unusual Gems:

  • Selling Price: 50
  • Cost Multiple to Buy: x 20

Misc Options → Shadowmarks:

  • Require City Quest: Enabled
  • Use Loot mark: Enabled

Timing is Everything

DLC Quests → Dawnguard:

  • Enabled Vampire Attacks: Enabled
  • Vampire Attacks: 30
  • Dawnguard Recruitment: 30
  • Disguised Vampire Chance: 30
  • Scouting Party Chance: 35
  • Eclipse Attack Chance: 0
  • Min Days Between Attacks: 5
  • Max Days Between Attacks: 20

DLC Quests → Hearthfire:

  • Minimum Level: 20

DLC Quests → Dragonborn:

  • After The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
  • Minimum Level: 50
  • Cultist Attack Chance: 25

Body Slots Mcm Sse 100

Other Quests → Daedric Quest:

  • The Cursed Tribe: 25
  • The Break of Dawn: 45
  • The Break of Dawn: No Vampires: Enabled
  • The Only Cure: 40
  • A Night to Remember: 30
  • Discerning the Transmundane: 60
  • The Whispering Door: 40
  • Pieces of The Past: 35
  • Boethiah's Calling: 40

Other Quests → Misc Quest:

  • The Wolf Queen Awakened: 47
  • Unfathomable Depths: 32
  • Grimsever's Return: 32
  • Kill The Giant: 22
  • Dungeon Delving: 30
  • Kill the Vampire: 30
  • Deathbrand: 36
  • Ebony Warrior: 75

Extra Options → World Encounters:

  • Werewolf Encounters: Enabled
  • Thalmor Squard: Min Level: 10
  • Hired Thugs: Stolen Item Value: 300
  • Hired Assassin Min Level: 15
  • Hired Assaults:0
  • Hired Assassin: Murders: 0
  • Bounty Collector: Required Bounty: 1500
  • Bounty Collector Chance: 25
  • Letter from a Friend: Disabled

Extra Options → Dragon Attacks:

  • Min Days Between Attacks: 3
  • Dragon Attack Chance: 100

Trade and Barter

Barter Rates → Settings:

Body Slots Mcm Sse No Deposit

  • Modify Barter Settings: Enabled

Barter Rates → Preset:

  • Barter Rate: Medium

Ultimate Combat

General → Timed Block:

  • Effective Time: 0.00s
  • Blur Strength: 0.0s

General → Game Balance Settings:

  • Hardcore Damage: Disabled
  • Hardcore Stealth: Disabled
  • Speed Bonus: Disabled
  • Player Killmove Immunity: Enabled

General → Stagger:

  • Enemy Poise: Disabled
  • Player Stagger: Disabled
  • NPC's Bow Poise: 0.00s
  • Player Bow Poise: 0.00s

General → Locational:

  • Headshot Damage Mult:0.0
  • Headshot Message: Disabled
  • Locational Damage Sound: Disabled
  • Locational Damage Effect: Disabled

NPC Setting → Giant:

  • Max HP Scale: Max HP 1.0

NPC Setting → Dwarven Centurion:

  • HP Mult: HP 1.0

Body Slots Mcm Sse Top Up

NPC Setting → Dragon Priest:

  • HP Mult: HP 1.0


Melee and Ranged → Melee:

  • Advancing Killmoves: Last Enemy
  • Killmove Chance: 65%
  • Camera View: 3rd Person Last
  • Last Enemy Restriction: Disabled
  • Player Killmove Immunity: Enabled
  • Mace Decapitations: Disabled

Melee and Ranged → Ranged:

  • Selection Mode: Automatic
  • Killmove Chance: 65%
  • Camera View: Projectiles
  • Last Enemy Restriction: Disabled

Stealth & Triggers → Stealth:

  • Killmove Chance: 65%

Stealth & Triggers → Triggers:

  • Left Attacks: Enabled
  • Alt Werewolf Attacks: Enabled

Wildcat Combat


  • Disable Injuries: Enabled


  • Allow Wildcat to Manage Difficulty: Enabled

Slots player Cynthia Obie was ecstatic when she hit the jackpot at the MGM National Harbour Casino in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The win was worth several thousand dollars, but the casino refused to pay out.

  • Woman hit jackpot at MGM National Harbor Casino
  • Casino staff recorded her Social Security number incorrectly
  • The casino was legally required to confiscate her winnings
  • Winner mistakenly identified as owing child support money

In an interview with the local Fox News station, Obie spoke about her excitement with the win, as she needed the cash, but did not want to disclose exactly how much the jackpot was worth. She said she was an occasional casino goer and had been there that night with one of her friends on a night out.

An unfortunate sequence of events

As per the rules and regulations for casinos cashing out winnings, the staff at the casino took down info from the woman’s ID and some other key pieces of information. However, they mistakenly recorded an incorrect Social Security number, accidentally getting one of the digits wrong.

The person who subsequently came up on the casino’s system was an individual who had a large debt in the state. The debt was partly unpaid child support and partly monies owed to the government of Maryland.

The casino therefore refused to pay out any winnings to Obie. Obie began pleading with the staff, pointing out that she had never had to pay child support and knew it must be a misunderstanding.

By the time the casino discovered the error with the Social Security number, it was too late for Obie.

MGM has said its employees were following Maryland law and that the issue was no longer in their hands. The only thing the casino did to offer compensation was to give Obie free play chips worth $200. It also gave her some vouchers for drinks on the night of the incident.

Obie now plans to contact the Gaming Control Agency to discuss the incident.

What happens next?

When Obie left the casino without her money, she was told to get in touch with the Human Services Agency in Maryland to clear up the misunderstanding. The HSA is the body that looks after child support issues.

However, after paying a visit to their offices, Obie had made no progress on the issue. Her main gripe still lies with the casino itself.

She told the casino: “Frustrated, but now I’m at the point this is insane. You guys are a billion dollar corporation, you do the research. I won fair and square. I just want my money.”

MGM told Fox 5: “We are aware of this unfortunate error and have taken the necessary steps to assist Ms. Obie in rectifying this issue. Due to MLGCA rules and Maryland state law, we cannot provide an additional payout for this jackpot.

“However, if she presents the proper identification credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission, they will provide her with the appropriate payout. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Ms. Obie.”

The incident has triggered some community backlash for the casino. Some locals say the fault lies with the MGM National Harbor Casino, and nobody else, as it was casino staff who wrote down the incorrect Social Security number that led to Obie not receiving her winnings.