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This extensive range of designer chairs is conceived for a variety of uses and furnishing styles, from home settings to work and representative spaces. The evolution of the icons of the great masters of architecture - reissued with absolute respect for the authentic pieces - meets with the new shapes of contemporaneity, from clean-cut geometries and minimalist proportions to smooth and sinuous shapes. In a continuous balance of stability and lightness, high comfort merges with meticulous attention to the most exclusive details and executions, revealing perfect stitching on fine leathers and creative constructions in wood or aluminium. The versatile shapes of Cassina designer stools and chairs are further enhanced by sleek materials and intense, rich colours used to customize the distinctive upholstery and ultra-soft padding through a wide range of special treatments and finishes. Each piece is synonymous with the company’s profound craftsman sensitivity, delivering a perfect synthesis of design and functionality.

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Used Chairs for Sale. Order your black bar stools from Casino Resell. We can offer you a great price for a gently used item. +1 702 908 8646.

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Attractive. Affordable. Accessible. Our bar stools selection is all these things and more. Our stools cover the spectrum of swivel styles perfect for ice cream parlors and fast-food joints to metro chic for the most upscale eatery, casino, or club setting-and all points in between. Find sturdy, solid wood bar stools in beautiful finishes and elegant, yet durable, fabrics. Take a look at our low-maintenance, yet high-style metal stools, with color and style choices to meet all needs.

Your decor will be enhanced with these seating selections. Many match up with our restaurant chairs and tables, or select contrasting materials for an eclectic look. All our bar stools and restaurant furniture boast superior construction and materials, comfort, and reliability.

Blackjack remote control boat. Get the customer experience you want, with the competitive pricing you seek, and the delivery and shipping options you demand at Restaurant Furniture Supply.

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Kingston Side Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-US-600-BSPrice$86.99
Premium US Made Ladder Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-US-200-BSPrice$98.00
Premium US Made Ladder Back Bar Stool With ArmsSKU: #RFS-US-200-BS-ARPrice$123.00
  1. A comfortable gaming seat is essential in keeping casino players engaged in the game. The more relaxed a player is, the more easily immersed they will become in the game; and they will want to stay in that world of fun and excitement longer. Well-designed casino chairs and slot stools also help add to the beauty and style of a casino.
  2. We know your restaurant’s story is unique, so we are proud to feature commercial bar stools in every size, color, material, shape, and price you can possibly imagine. Complete your bar area today with top-of-the-line design with classic metal frames, traditional wood accents, comfortable bucket seats, Amish hickory construction, retro styles.
Ladder Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-3100-BSPrice$88.00
Ladder Back Metal BarstoolSKU: #RFS-600-BSPrice$59.00
Ladder Back Metal Bar Stool With Brown FinishSKU: #RFS-600-BS-BRN-ERATPrice$58.00
Ladder Back Metal Barstool With ArmsSKU: #RFS-600-BS-ARPrice$84.00
3 Slat Metal Ladder Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-10427-BSPrice$65.00

Casino Bar Stools For Sale

Rounded Ladder Back Metal Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-620-BSPrice$68.00
Premium US Made Vertical Slat Wood Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-US-205-BSPrice$98.00
Premium US Made Vertical Slat Wood Bar Stool With ArmsSKU: #RFS-US-205-BS-ARPrice$123.00
Vertical Slat Metal Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-630-BSPrice$57.00
Vertical Slat Wood Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-3200-BSPrice$88.00
Beechwood Vertical Slat Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-B2141-BSPrice$98.99
Elongated Vertical Back BarstoolSKU: #RFS-740-BSPrice$62.00
Premium US Made School House Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-US-210-BSPrice$104.00
Schoolhouse Wood BarstoolSKU: #RFS-3400-BSPrice$94.00
Premium US Made Window Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-US-215-BSPrice$99.00
Window Back Metal Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-640-BSPrice$61.00

Commercial Bar Stools

Window Back Metal Bar Stool With ArmsSKU: #RFS-640-BS-ARPrice$86.00

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Lattice Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-3900-BSPrice$89.00
X Back Metal Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-670-BSPrice$58.00

Used Casino Bar Stools For Sale

Beechwood X Back Bar StoolSKU: #RFS-B2143-BSPrice$94.99