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MANILA, Philippines — Last week’s tragedy at the Resorts World Manila hotel and casino complex has revived initiatives in Congress to impose a hefty entrance fee to ensure only those with the means to can hit the gaming tables.

One bill recently filed by Isabela Representative Rodolfo Albano III seeks to authorize the collection of a P3,000 fee from people entering “any and all casinos and similar gaming establishments for the purpose of engaging in gambling and other related gaming activities.”

“The purpose of this act addresses the need to ensure that persons entering any and all casinos have the resources to engage in any form of gambling and related activities … and to strengthen the regulation of gambling activities in the country,” the bill says.

A similar bill filed earlier by Misamis Oriental Representative Peter Unabia seeks a P3,500 casino entrance fee on Filipinos “with a gross income for the previous year of at least P50,000.”


Casino Mahjong Entry Fees

The bill allows free entrance for tourists and foreigners who are not residents of the Philippines.

Patterned after the rules in Singapore, Unabia’s measure is meant to “dissuade (Filipinos) from gambling and therefore minimizing the impact of casinos on local residents.”

Albano, who was one of the lawmakers who inspected the Resorts World during Wednesday’s congressional hearing into the carnage, said the incident brought to public attention “the sad state of regulation an administration of gaming establishments in the country.”

It also “called attention to the sinister effects of gambling addiction especially among those who do not have or can ill afford the financial resources needed in casino gambling,” he said in the bill’s explanatory note.

The entrance charge to be collected by the establishment where the casino is located will be used to create a special fund for the setting up and maintenance of children and youth welfare centers under the supervision of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Fifty percent of the amount collected will be allocated for the children and youth welfare programs in the city or municipality where the casino is located.

The Department of Budget and Management, Department of Finance, Department of Interior and Local government and the DSWD are tasked to draft the implementing rules and regulation of the proposed measure.

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What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a board game that is played with 36 different tiles. Each tile is represented with 4 copies, making it a total of 44 tiles.

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Your goal is to pair up all the symbols on the board, following a few rules. For a tile to be considered 'opened' it has to be 'free' (no tile/empty spot) on either the left, right or both sides and on the top. The game will highlight only 'open' tiles to help you select and try to pair up two matching symbols.

All Mahjong tiles come in 4 identical copies, except Flowers and Seasons tiles. 4 flowers tiles are considered pairable but they come in slight graphical variations. The same goes for 4 Seasons tiles.

Mahjong competitions

Poker tee shirts uk. There are 3 different types of competitions you can enter when playing Mahjong:

  • Playing with $0.05 bet you can only enter the $0.05-Daily competition.
  • Playing with $0.50 bet you will enter the $0.50-Daily and $0.50-Monthly competition.

The funds for these competitions get filled accordingly:

10% of the bet goes into the $0.50-Monthly Fund. 80% of the bet goes into $0.05/$0.50-Daily Fund.

Mahjong competition payout rules:

60% of all the top scores that have entered the Competitions get rewarded:
1st Prize - 2% of top scores get 15% of the Fund, divided evenly.
2nd Prize - 3% - 10% of top scores get 25% of the Fund, divided evenly.
3rd Prize - 11% - 25% of top scores get 25% of the Fund, divided evenly.
4th Prize - 26% - 60% of top scores get 35% of the Fund, divided evenly.
Minimum number of qualifying scores for a specific prize for the whole fund to be paid out in full:
1st Prize - Min 2 scores qualifying
2nd Prize - Min 8 scores qualifying
3rd Prize - Min 15 scores qualifying
4th Prize - Min 35 scores qualifying
15% of the fund for the 1st Prize is $100, but there is only 1 winner qualifying for this prize. Relative to the minimum number of total winners, he does not get the full prize fund, but 50% of it.

* For additional pictures and more exact instructions please read the in-game help pages.

In-game Mahjong screenshots

Mahjong game rules

  1. Select bet to play with
  2. Press start to begin the game
  3. Match two of the same tiles to remove the from the board
  4. * Flower and season tiles look different but matching any of the four will count as a match
  5. After you clear the board or have no moves remaining your game will end and record your score.
  6. Top scores on a daily/monthly basis are paid a prize of the fund pool from entry fees (read in-game rules for more details)

Mahjong Tips & facts

  • Play with $0.5 to also be eligible for the monthly competition
  • Using the hint option will show you a random matchign pair of the available moves, but subtract some of your score for using it!
  • Try to be as fast in completing your challenge for gaining the best score (time bonus)
  • Using undo option can be a game changer in some situations (i.e. when you can see the tile under, but it could disable you from further playing the game). But it also deducts some points!