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The licensing staff are responsible for facilitating the background investigation and licensing processes, which are crucial prerequisites to maintaining the integrity and highest degree of regulatory standards within our casinos. The Licensing Analysts are responsible for conducting criminal history and background inquiries for all operational and regulatory personnel, as well as Tribal Information Technology (IT) employees and various vendors who work in the casinos. They are responsible for making licensing recommendations to the Director based on investigative findings, and facilitating licensing review and appeal hearings.

Colville Casinos Colville Fuels Fishing & Hunting Permits Grand Coulee Dam Lake Roosevelt nikxnaʔ Cannabis Omak Stampede Reservation Lodging Rainbow Beach Resort. Colville Tribes, 21 Colville St, Nespelem, WA, 99155, United States (509) 634-2200. The city of Pasco and the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation are cooperating as tribal work advances toward creating a casino or other economic development in northeast Pasco.

Licensing Staff

  • Elaine Clark, Licensing AnalystSlots plus casino codes.

  • Blue Cagle, Licensing Analyst

  • Laura Myrick, Licensing Analyst

Individual Licensing

The Colville Tribal Gaming Commission (“Commission”) has the responsibility and authority to determine licensing eligibility for all employees of the Colville Gaming LLC (“Casinos”), including Primary Management for the Casinos and Vendors who do business with the Casino. The Commission also determines licensing eligibility for all employees of the Commission and Commissioners. The commission may approve, deny or place conditions or limitations on individual licenses. The Commission is charged with the critical and sensitive task, and may seek, obtain and consider any and all information that they deem relevant to the determinations made pursuant to this authority.

Vendor Licensing

As part of the Commission’s primary regulatory responsibility, the Commission monitors and licenses Gaming-Related Vendors who are Class II and Class III financiers, manufacturers and suppliers of the gaming services/goods. The Commission also has responsibility for monitoring Non-Gaming Related Vendors who provide services/goods that require access to and knowledge of Secured and/or Restricted Areas of Colville tribal casino facilities operated by the Gaming Division of the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (“CTFC Gaming Division”).

Licensing Appeals and Conditional Licensing

Any person or licensee who has received notice of an adverse action or decision by the Commission may submit a written request for a hearing before the Commission within thirty (30) days following receipt of such notice. The Commission shall thereupon afford the respondent an opportunity to appear and be heard before the Commission, either in person or through a representative or legal counsel, and to submit such evidence as the Commission deems relevant to the matter at issue. Thereafter the Commission may either affirm, modify, reverse, or vacate its decision.


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The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation announced the acquisition of 184 acres of ancestral territory in Washington and is weighing a casino and other economic development at the site. The land is located near Pasco, one of the three communities that make up the Tri-Cities region in the southeastern part of the state. Several hundred citizens live in the area, Chairman Rodney Cawston said on Friday. “We will consult regularly with Franklin County officials, mayors and city councils in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick, and other community leaders, as we develop plans,” Cawston said in a news release. “We want any tribal economic development project to benefit the entire area, creating good paying new jobs, increasing tourism, and providing a catalyst for a number of new businesses. I look forward to mutually- beneficial partnerships with Franklin County, the City of Pasco and other governments in this area.” The site, located near the intersection of two major highways, is about 160 miles from tribal headquarters in Nespelem. But it's part of the historic territory of the Palus people, one of the 12 bands on the reservation. Nez Perce homelands are nearby as well. “Nez Perce and Palus members on the Colville Reservation always lamented the loss of their sacred homelands, which hold the bones of our ancestors” said Cawston. “Many of our tribal members carry the names of our Palus and Nez Perce ancestors. We also carry on our traditional religion, our ceremonies and the teachings of our ancestors.” Generally, land acquired in trust after 1988 can't be used for a casino but Section 20 of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act contains a number of exceptions, including one affecting land claim settlements. The Colville Tribes settled a land dispute with the United States through the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Grand Coulee Dam Settlement Act of 1994. For tribes that do not qualify for an exception, IGRA authorizes gaming on newly acquired lands through the two-part determination process. Approval from the federal government is required along with that of the state government. Washington happens to be home to two two-part determination casinos. Both are located in Airway Heights, just outside of Spokane, the second-largest city in the state. That area is about a two-hour drive from the Tri-Cities. Tribal casino may be coming to Tri-Cities. Colvilles purchase local land (The Tri-City Herald June 21, 2019)

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