Dark Souls 2 Ring Attunement Slots

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Table of Contents

In-Game Description

Attribute governing number of spells that can be attuned. Boosts spell-casting speed.


  • Increases the number of Attunement Slots available for Sorceries, Miracles, Pyromancies, and Hexes.
  • Main stat for increasing Casting Speed. Its effect is double that of Intelligence or Faith.
  • Increases Curse Resist alongside with Adaptability.
  • Secondary stat for increasing Agility.
  • Increases number of spell casts. The amount of the increase varies between spells.
  • Slightly raises HP.

Attunement Slots

Increase Attunement Slots

Attunement LevelSpell Slots Available

Equipment which increase Attunement Slots

ItemIncreaseOther Effects
Black Witch Hat1
Southern Ritual Band1/2/3

Equipment which increase Spell Casts

ItemIncreaseOther Effects
Saint's Hood10% (rounded up)FAI +1
Hexer's Hood10% (rounded up)INT +1 FAI +1
Northern Ritual Band10/20/30% (rounded up)HP -20/35/50%

Equipment which restore Spell Casts

ItemRestoresOther Effects
Crown of the Old Iron King20% (rounded up) every 2 minutes (with or without Vendrick's Blessing)

Note: Saint's Hood, Hexer's Hood and Northern Ritual Band all work in the same way. Spell uses are being multiplied by 1.1 (1.2/1.3 for the +1/+2 versions of the ring respectively) and then rounded up. For example, having a spell with only one use, the number will increase from 1 to 1.1, then be rounded up to 2, resulting in two spell uses.

If you combine one of the hoods with the Northern Ritual Band, the spell use percentage will stack additively (10% + 10% = 20%, or 30%/40% for the +1/+2 versions of the ring). This means that, upon using both the standard version of the ring and one of the hoods, a spell with one use will increase its number from 1 to 1.2, then be rounded up to 2, resulting in two spell uses. However, using both on a spell with six uses, it will increase from 6 to 7.2, then be rounded up to 8, resulting in eight spell uses.

Dnd Attunement Slots

Spell Casts

Depending on the spell, it may start with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, or 30 casts at base Attunement.
The table below shows how many casts become available with increased Attunement ('-' is used to indicate no increase from previous cast amount).

Dark Souls 2 Ring Attunement Slots Quest

Spell Casts (Base ATT)With 15 ATTWith 26 ATTWith 32 ATTWith 38 ATTWith 43 ATTWith 49 ATTWith 58 ATTWith 79 ATTWith 94 ATT
1 (b)---------
2 (a)----3---4
2 (b)--33-4--5
2 (c)-3-4567810
2 (d)---3-4-56
3 (b)34-579111315
4 (b)-56-78-910
10 (b)-11-12-13-1415

Dark Souls 3 2 Attunement Slots Ring

Note - Spells that start with 2, 3, or 10 casts can increase by different amounts. While there are two spells (with 1 cast each) that does not increase in casts (you can use equipment to gain more casts of these though).