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When it comes to sex, there is no more crucial tool than communication. Communication is the cornerstone to our evolvement as a species, and nowhere is this more necessary than in the bedroom.

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If you want your partner to do something you’ve never done together before, the only way you can discuss this is through effective communication. Be as open with your partner as possible. The more open and receptive you are, you more chance there is of you having an amazing BDSM experience.

Bringing BDSM play into the bedroom can be the difference between mundane, run-of-the-mill sex, and a mind-blowing experience which you’ll never forget.

Deprive your senses

Introductory BDSM toys consist of things like blindfolds and handcuffs, and there’s a good reason why. By removing one of your partner’s senses (in this case, sight and touch), this will allow them to feel you through senses they usually wouldn’t. Instead of letting your partner see you, let them taste you instead.

You don’t have to invest in any additional toys in order to introduce sensory deprivation into your BDSM play. Everyday items like scarves ties will work just as well as handcuffs or blindfolds.

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A light spank

Spanking is probably the most common activity in the world of kink. Many people enjoy the sensation of being physically reprimanded by their partner, as it instils a sense of power and powerlessness – something many people find erotic.

It’s a simple concept to introduce in the bedroom, as all it requires is a something to spank with. This can be a hand, a paddle, a hairbrush – anything which can produce a spanking sensation.

A little pain can go a long way

Introducing a little pain to your sexual exploration is the perfect way to ease you and your partner into the world of BDSM. There is a very primal nature about pain during kinky sex, and a lot of people enjoy being bitten, scratched or sucked in certain places just a little too hard. Pain is a natural way of releasing endorphins, meaning sexual satisfaction will increase overall the more endorphins are released.

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Remember to keep it light, and don’t go in too hard without prior agreement.

Going in the back door

By default, the rear entrance is a taboo part of the body. It’s an area which was never meant to be used for sexual purposes, therefore making it the ideal spot for some kinky activity.

If you’ve never entered through the rear before, make sure to keep it well-lubricated and light. Gently caress it with your finger or tongue before entering in order to prep it for penetration, then use anal beads or a similar anal toy in order to elicit a sensual sensation. There are endless toys available for anal play, mostly beads, butt plugs and anal vibrators.

Body worship

BDSM isn’t all about whipping and restraining, there are lighter elements involved too. Body worship is an act in which one partner goes to great lengths in order to please their partner, often through the use of their tongue and hands.

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When one partner foregoes any pleasure themselves in order to fully satisfy the other, there is a unspoken element of power and submissiveness implied, something which both partners may incredibly sensual.