God Hand Casino Prizes

God Hand Casino Prizes
Prospective Horizons


Slot machine symbols often crossword puzzle. Prizes

God Hand
Regen Gear Adv
Madam's Parasol
Flight Cutter
Chu Chu Fever (min stats)

Click the Signup button to open an account with the casino. Choose a username and password for your account. Provide all the required personal details God Hand Blackjack on the form available. Click Submit to open the account. Click the no deposit bonus link to claim it. Enter the bonus code God Hand Blackjack to claim the bonus. The Bouncer (用心棒 Yōjinbō ) is a character appearing in the Casino, behind the three Treasure Chests that are used to exchange tickets from the Slot Machine. He is a gigantic muscular man who has slicked back dark brown/black hair and eyes obscured by sunglasses, who wears a poorly fitted, short-sleeved black suit with no under-shirt, a choker with a red tie on it, fingerless gloves, a.

Quest Description

'Challenge the government's newest simulator!'

God Hand Casino Prizes No Deposit



Though this is an Episode 1 quest, you will run a simulation taking you through the Spaceship and Temple of Episode 2 with a variety of different enemies, defeat the enemy and reach the goal. (Drop chart of this quest applies to Episode 1 still)

Acquiring prizes

Complete this quest with no deaths for a chance to receive these weapons with hit%. If you have any deaths you can receive weapons without hit% still.

  • Very Hard mode: God Hand, Regen Gear Adv.
  • Ultimate mode: Madam's Parasol, Flight Cutter, Chu Chu Fever

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