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Hemingways Casino, East London’s premier entertainment destination, has appointed John McGregor as its new Complex General Manager.

The nearby Hemingways Casino and Entertainment Centre provides great gaming, a number of restaurants and many other attractions. The Hemingways Mall is conveniently accessible for one of the best shopping experiences in East London. When it comes to dining. Travel Trade Sales Executive at Hemingways Collection Job Description JOB SUMMARY: Maximize sales and revenues for the tours and travel leisure segment by gaining a clear understanding of customers' businesses and requirements. The Southern Sun Hemingways combines laid back Key West charm with the beautiful surroundings of East London. Situated in the Eastern Cape, the Hemingways Casino is set on stunning grounds and is considered the perfect base to explore the surrounding areas. Hemingways Hotel and Casino is completely private, with the top notch casino, retail complex and entertainment sections all.

John first became intrigued by the gaming industry whilst treating himself to a weekend away at one of South Africa’s best loved holiday resorts. “I found the environment very attractive and decided to ask them for a job. I started two weeks later.”

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Now, 30 years on, he counts the opening of two casinos in Namibia and a palatial resort hotel in the North West Province, along with the development and launch of Blackrock Casino in Newcastle, amongst his career achievements.

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When asked what motivates him to keep growing within the industry, he responded: “It is a very exciting and sexy industry and it is motivating within itself. You get to watch how it has developed over the years and how things just keep changing.”

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Speaking of changes, he shares that the biggest changes to the industry that he has noted since starting out have been in both technology and the people.

Going forward, he hopes to grow Hemingways Casino’s business and profitability.

For more information, visit www.hemingways.co.za

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