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  • When you win again, double the bet. If you lose, reduce the bet to the original small sum. Continue until you win enough to leave. The D'Alembert Strategy. This strategy is for even bets. Players in an online casino add a certain amount to the bet after they win and subtract the same amount after they lose.
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Complete Roulette Strategy Guide - Learn how to win at roulette! Understand how betting limits, game types, and payouts can impact your strategy.

Light up your world with the latest Live Roulette game that is so electrifying; it has players storming to play it. With advanced RNG gameplay, Lightning Roulette by Evolution gaming has transformed the way the traditional game of live Roulette is played to provide players with a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can find all standard Roulette bets here. However, you are provided with golden opportunities to win extra with Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

Read on to learn more about the game of Lightning Roulette.

What is Lightning Roulette?

The Lightning Roulette game by Evolution Gaming is a variant of the game of Live Roulette. It has been enhanced with visually-stunning graphics, and additional RNG Lucky Number wins to every round that payouts highly.

All the traditional elements of the game of Live Roulette are here including the wheel, the live dealers as well as the full set of bets of Live Roulette.

The key difference to this game is that it adds an electrifying experience by injecting the game with additional opportunities to win. For each game round, between one and five Lucky Numbers will get struck by lightning. Players with these lucky numbers will see their payouts multiplied between 50x and 500x.

Created in the style of a live entertainment show with great sounds and even better lighting effects, Lightning Roulette provides you with an animated yet thrilling spin on the traditional game of Roulette.

Is it still Roulette?

The game of Lightning Roulette is essentially European Roulette, but with the added opportunity of winning up to 500x on a straight up number. With a Straight up bet and eventual win, a multiplier will be applied paying you at 30:1. In the regular game of Live Roulette, you would get paid 35:1.

All other roulette bets pay out as standard. No multipliers are applied.

Playing Lighting Roulette is easy-peasy. Simple place a bet by hovering your mouse over the betting table. It will immediately highlight the numbers on the roulette betting table where the chip is placed.

If you are happy with your choice, place the chip on the number of your choice. If you already play the game of Live Roulette, then you know that once the bets have been placed, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. Wherever the ball lands, once the wheel comes to a halt, is declared winner.

If you have picked the right number, you will win your bet. You can learn more about how to win the game of Live Roulette here.

Now, this is where the game of Lightning Roulette differs. In the game of Lightning Roulette, you can wager on the full range of Roulette bets as you would in the traditional game of European Live Roulette. However, you have the chance to win through randomly generated Lucky Numbers as well as Lucky Payouts.

Once the players' bets are accepted, the random amount of Lucky Numbers picks, the actual Lucky Numbers as well as the Lucky Payouts are then randomly generated.

Every Lucky Number will pay one of the Lucky Payouts between 50 and 500:1 provided that the roulette ball lands on the Lucky Number and that you have made a Straight Up bet on a said number.

Non-multiplied Straight bets, on the other hand, pay 30:1. All other Roulette bets including red/black, dozens, splits and corners are settled as standard Roulette.

What is the RTP on Lightning Roulette?

The theoretical RTP of Lightning Roulette stands at a whopping 97.30%, which means that for every £100 wagered, your expected return would be that of £97.390.

How to win at Lightning Roulette

Usual strategies for Roulette will not work here, as most of them rely on a specific type of bet. Something like the Martingale betting strategy won't work when you are playing the game of Lighting Roulette.

The only way you get your hand on a Multiplier win will be if you place Straight Up bets, so you must look for patterns that cover whole numbers only.

These are the following options when playing Lightning Roulette:

  • You can place bets on a section or more of the wheel, what is more commonly known as French bets. You can either place a bet on Voisins, which covers 17 numbers namely 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2 and 25. Alternatively, you can place a bet on the Tiers, namely 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33. The other last option would be to cover the numbers 17-34-6-1-20-14-31-9.
  • You could put a wager on random numbers on the roulette bet
  • Place a bet on an entire column covering 12 bets
  • Bet on all numbers of one colour, all odds or all even numbers

Placing a bet on a single number will eventually lead to you losing the majority of your bankroll. In this case, although the risk is higher, placing a bet on multiple numbers increases the chances of you winning. Granted, that if you lose, it will leave a dent in your bankroll.

You should keep in mind that the game of Lightning Roulette was created for entertainment purposes and no strategy or betting system could guarantee a win or a profit unless you hit the multiplier.

Always mind your bankroll and have a win and loss limit in place so you can minimise the risk of walking away from your session empty-handed.

If you are looking for more strategies and tips on the game of live Roulette, you can head here.

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The roulette is a favorite pick of many gamblers in both land-based and online casinos. The spinning wheel is breathtaking, the agitation is escalating, and the wins are dizzying…but rare. Unfortunately, this game is notorious for some of the worst odds in the gaming world, and its fandom rarely makes you rich – more often broken. But wait a minute, is everything really is that gloomy? Not at all, as dedicated fans and experts have developed secret strategies to play roulette to maximize their wins (or at least to minimize their losses and not to spoil the gaming fun). Learn more about these online roulette strategies in our review. Boost your gambling skills and beat the banker next time.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system of online roulette playing takes its name from an entire class of 18th-century betting strategies that were commonly used in France. Here the winning coin comes up heads and the losing one – tails. The Martingale casino roulette strategy presupposes doubling of the bet after every loss. In such a way, the win is expected to cover all previous losses. In addition, it will bring a considerable profit equal to the original stake.

However, the system is hardly applicable in real-life conditions. To win in online roulette with the Martingale approach, you need an infinite budget. Thus, the doubling of bets quickly bankrupted the fans of this betting system. Thus, we recommend trying Martingale in online roulette only if you are 100% sure to about going on until the first win. Otherwise, you might end being broke sooner than you think.

Important tips:

  • Start from the smallest possible bet to be able to double your stakes longer.
  • Don’t bet on zero, rather choosing red/black, 1-18, or 19-36.
  • Don’t raise the bet even upon winning; keep the win and bet the same small amount.
  • Double the bet every time you lose.
  • Keep the bet on the same color/number.
  • Continue as long as you have money left or win enough to leave.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

As the name suggests, the reverse betting system suggests decreasing the bet after wins, not losses. In this way, gamblers may keep the highest win. They also minimize losses from further gameplay.

Steps for implementing this roulette strategy to win at the casino: Poker runs in ohio this weekend.

  • Start betting small.
  • Keep the bet on one spot (red/black, 1-18, 19-36).
  • Don’t raise the bet upon losing.
  • Once you win, double the bet for the next round.
  • If you win again, double the bet again.
  • If you lose, reduce the bet to the original small sum.
  • Keep playing until you lose all money or win enough to leave content.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Another casino roulette winning strategy is that of D’Alembert. It’s a typical roulette playing strategy for even bets. Its users add a certain unit to the bet after each win and subtract the same unit after each loss. There is no reverse D’Alembert system.

  • Select your even-money bet (black-red).
  • Choose the outcome on which you stake (e.g., red).
  • Keep playing for that stake.
  • Add one chip to the previous bet upon each loss.
  • Deduct one chip from the previous bet upon each win.
  • Play until you are satisfied with the win or until you’ve reached your spending limit

This system can hardly be called the best strategy to play roulette as it’s based on a mathematical fallacy. If two players use it at one table, it turns into pure dumb luck.

The Fibonacci Strategy


Among all online roulette strategies, the Fibonacci online roulette winning strategy deserves an honorable place due to its mathematical sophistication and a solid scientific base. As the name implies, the bets are determined by the Fibonacci sequence. It starts with the numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 2, and so on.

The Fibonacci staking system is the system of scores. That is, the score is calculated based on the game’s outcome. The score determines the situation on the betting table. That data informs the gambler’s decision-making. Overall, it’s quite a stable online roulette strategy, as even long progressive losses are well compensated with one win.

Gamblers like it much more than the Martingale system. This casino roulette strategy is less threatening in terms of table limits. Moreover, it helps the player stay within reasonable betting boundaries.

Tips to use the system:

  • Bet a small amount on red-black, 1-18, or 19-36.
  • If you lose, progress one step further the Fibonacci sequence.
  • If you win, go two steps back on the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Play until you have money or have won enough to leave the table content.

The James Bond Strategy

Playing Roulette To Win

Ian Fleming invented a system that he included in a James Bond book. As a result, his invention became one of the globally popular casino roulette strategies. It requires a minimum budget of $200.

How to play:

  • Bet $140 on the numbers 19-36
  • $50 on 13-18
  • $10 on zero (let it be your insurance)

How To Win Casino Roulette In Hindi Free

As you can see, the strategy is for daring risk-takers (like James Bond). You lose everything if the numbers 1-12 win. If the $140 bet wins, you get away with $140+$80. If any of the numbers between 13 and 18 wins, you end up with the win of $50 + $100. Finally, if the ball lands on zero, you are a happy winner of $160.

Hopefully, these winning roulette strategies will help you if not get rich, then at least not go bankrupt while enjoying your favorite game. Play responsibly and don’t forget that no online casino roulette strategy may guarantee you a sure win; most strategies to win roulette at casino are geared towards minimizing your losses, giving you a system to play wisely, and not letting you go bankrupt in the first 5 minutes. Good luck!

How To Win Casino Roulette In Hindi Dubbed

Want to use these strategies right away? Make sure to play online Roulette games on CasinoChan to practice all of the tips above and win!

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