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A familiar face to any armchair poker fans Ian Frazer is quite the TV regular, having appeared successfully in several Party Poker events as well as on 'Late night poker' and 'Poker Million' to name but a few of the many highlights.

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Ian Frazer Poker Club

Frazer has been a very consistent player since his first cash in spring 2005. Shortly after that and just in time for Christmas he hit the jackpot, Pocket 6's in the hole helping him pick up £300,000 for a first place finish in the U.K Poker Championships. How does a win like that change a man? Does he give up his day job? No, Frazer, despite the win, said he had no plans to give up his job as project manager for 'Vidette' Ltd in Croydon, a leisure establishment refurbishment company where he has worked for 15 years. However he did allow himself a small treat, splashing out a mere £125,000 on the car of his dreams, a Racing red Ferrari. Speaking about the win he said 'I was never intimidated. I have got a good game and I didn't have any bad luck.' It was a fairly modest account from a man who is happy to let the cards do most of the talking.

It has taken him a surprisingly short period to reach these levels of success. It had only been just over two years previously that he had started playing online, through a site his friend introduced him to. Back then the kind of success he was hoping for was hard for some to comprehend 'My family used to give me stick at night if I was playing on the computer but now they tell me to carry on!'

Ian Frazer Poker Game

Frazer has in total from live tournaments, collected over $1,200,000. This includes results at both the WSOP (6 cashes, most recently 09' £3000 NLH) and EPT (2 cashes). But it is the sheer volume and regularity of the results that has brought him to this princely figure. Looking over his results you can't help but think Frazer is due his next 'big one' a serious sum to reflect his consistency over the last few years. As a regular in tournaments all over the world, he is certainly not short of opportunities to do just that.

Ian frazer poker player

A dangerous player at any table Ian 'The Razor' Frazer plays only for the win, he is fast and aggressive and not to be underestimated. This is a player who has worked hard and studied to recreate the success of the players he saw consistently winning when he was first starting out. Now it is his wealth of victories that are a benchmark for new players.

Looking to the future, Frazer has recently been signed for sponsorship from Party Poker, This seems very appropriate as he certainly has historic links with them, enjoying great success in Party Poker tournaments, seemingly having a real grasp for their format. He has finished on the final table in no less that five of these events. 'We are looking for players that have shown themselves to have star quality in their play but who are also fun, humorous and possess a strong character' They have chosen him as the first of their new recruits, as an ambassador for the site, feeling he fits the criteria they are looking for. That he certainly does, a fearsome player at the table but carrying himself with a great deal of charm and little ego, the best I believe is still to come from Ian Frazer, but he has already established himself as perhaps the best TV shootout tournament player in the world.

Ian Frazer Poker Games

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