Is There Legal Gambling In Florida

Nineteen states have legalized sports wagering. But sports betting is still off limits in the three most populous states — California, Texas and Florida. In New York, sports betting is allowed only. Gambling is a huge source of income for the state of Florida. Tax revenue from slot machines alone totaled over $70 million in 2016. But not all types of gambling are legal in Florida. Online Florida gambling sites, roulette, craps, daily fantasy sports and some other games are illegal in Florida. There is no online gambling age, as online gambling is illegal in Florida.

August 2012

This article is part of an ongoing series in which we'll take your questions from the discussion forum and get you the answers you need from experts who specialize in association management. If you have a question you need answered, post it on the message board.

A Florida reader is gambling with his fellow home owners on HOA property, but he says he was given the OK. Is that OK?

'We were given permission to play cards at the clubhouse in our community by the HOA. They said we can purchase card tables with our funds, which we did—two tables, very nice, $800 a piece. Now the new board took over from the builder's HOA and told us we have to get the tables out and not play penny–ante games anymore. This is only because of two people on the three–person board who have a vendetta against the players for personal reasons. We play once a week, and anyone in the community is welcome. The tables are used by other home owners anytime they want. We have no problems. We are just improving the community. My question is can they do this? As far as I know, the Florida statute permits penny–ante games to be played. As for the tables, can they remove them even after we had permission from the builder's HOA?'

We'll answer two questions: Does the HOA have any liability if it knows owners gamble—even penny–ante games—on HOA property? Texas holdem betting strategy chart. What effect should the builders' promise be given by a future HOA board?

HOAs and Gambling

It's unclear what an HOA's liability is if there's small–time gambling going on in common areas. 'I don't know the law in California because I've never done any research on gambling,' says James R. McCormick, Jr., a partner at Peters & Freedman LLP in Encinitas, Calif., who represents associations. 'Our clients are spread amongst Indian and nonIndian land. Indian land is sovereign, so they can allow gambling on it. But for nonIndian land, I'd have to do some research.

'That said, you always ask, 'What liability does the HOA have?' adds McCormick. 'When an association is permitting someone to use a common facility, like a pool house or whatever, I always suggest they have a policy and signed leasing, rental, or usage agreement. It should have a provision saying the person is using the property appropriately. We also include disclaimer language saying owners won't be engaging in violations of the law. You put the onus for compliance on users. You also have them indemnify you for any liability from violations of the law.'

You may also be able to control gambling through general provisions in your governing documents. 'I don't know if penny–ante gambling is legal in Michigan,' says Nathaniel Abbate Jr., a partner at Makower Abbate & Associates PLLC in Farmington Hills, Mich., who represents associations. 'But you can also look to your right to prohibit obnoxious behavior. However, if penny–ante gambling isn't illegal, nobody can say, 'It's illegal therefore banned by our provision that says no illegal, obnoxious, or offensive behavior can take place.'

'But there may be people with moral qualms about gambling who don't want their dues paid to maintain a clubhouse where some old farts sit around and gamble,' adds Abbate. 'So the board might say, 'If you're going to do that, you have to reserve the clubhouse.' The board might also restrict the activity to hours where children normally aren't around.' I'd say this is more of a rule of commonsense and reason. The way to control this is through its time and manner of occurrence.'

Did the Association Consent?

Our reader's second question is whether the association has specifically permitted this. The previous board may have, but that doesn't mean a new board has to continue to permit it. 'That's where a board needs to try to distance itself from what's happened in the past,' says McCormick. 'Boards do different things. If the developer approved something that's not legal, you can say you're not going to let it continue.'

Bottom line: Yes, the new board can make our reader remove the card tables and stop gambling in common areas.

Legal Gambling USA - Legal Gambling By State - Legal Online Gambling In Florida

While legal online gambling for Florida residents is something that the Florida legislature has considered in the past, there has yet to be a move toward regulation. On the other hand, there has yet to be a law that has made it illegal for gamblers to participate online. That is why there are numerous offshore options for safe and legal online gambling in Florida. The state is home to land-based casinos, bingo, poker, and horse racing, but the internet brings all of these opportunities to your fingertips, in one location. You even have increased wagering opportunities, with more games, better odds, and even sports betting. Florida is actually a very progressive state in terms of the legalities of online gambling, and we are here to explore these in depth. If you want to know about the legalities of online gambling in Florida, you have come to the right place.

Mobile NFL Betting in Florida

There are many ways and different vessels for Florida residents to use when making legal football bets. One of the fastest growing ways to bet on football has been mobile betting. The convenience is what drives so many new users to mobile betting as they can place bets or add/deposit funds into their account right from the comfort of their mobile device. Typically, online sportsbooks will have a mobile friendly site that can be accessed using your mobile devices web browser if this option isn’t available check your devices App Store as some online have a downloadable app available. Mobile betting makes it possible to bet no matter if you are at a Jacksonville Jaguars game or watching from your house as long as your phone, tablet, or laptop is connected to a stable internet source.

Live NFL Betting in Florida

Live Betting on the National Football League can add a lot of excitement to betting on one of Florida’s premier football teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This type of betting gives bettors the opportunity to place bets while the game is already underway. For example, In play betting grants gamblers the ability to test the waters of a Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars matchup before fully taking action on the game. This makes live betting on the NFL unique and gives bettors the chance to make halftime adjustments to their betting strategies too. All in all live NFL betting will likely be one of the most popular ways to bet on the sport as time goes on.

Online Gambling Age For Florida Residents

In order to gamble in the state of Florida, you will have to reach certain ages. Florida's progressive attitude toward gambling means that you can participate in most forms of gambling as soon as 18. You will find that online poker, poker rooms, bingo, the lottery, dog and horse racing, and online bingo can all be enjoyed at the age of 18. You will not have access to land-based casinos, online casinos or online sports betting until the age of 21 is reached.

Florida Online Gambling Laws

With the repeal of PASPA, many Florida residents are unsure how this has impacted legal gambling in Florida. The change in the federal law only impacts sports betting, which the state now has the freedom to fully regulate. However, until the legislature actually gets it together and regulates online gambling, there are no laws pertaining to any type of internet betting. That is why legal online gambling for Florida residents is an option at all, because there is nothing to suggest otherwise. The state may eventually begin to legalize certain forms of online gambling, especially since other states are starting to regulate both online casinos and sportsbooks. Check back for the latest updates on Florida online gambling laws.

Gambling Sites That Accept Florida Residents

Those in the state of Florida will find that there are hundreds of gambling sites that accept residents of the state of Florida. We have found that gamblers in the state of Florida are open to hundreds of gambling sites, which is why have attempted to compile a list of available options.

Bovada: FSU, UF And UM Odds For Major Sports

Online gambling is the way that many bettors are going and Bovada is one of the best online gambling sites there is. Already with many sports that you can bet on, having an online casino online makes Bovada even better. These online casinos are going to be like the local casinos everywhere with the options that they have there like slot games and blackjack games. This will bring in more bettors and if that’s not enough, promotions will also reward those new and current customers. There is always another way to make money and with these casinos available, bettors can just log on and deposit money on their Bovada and throw it into slots and pick up some much-needed cash! Go To Bovada!

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SportsBetting: Great Mobile Betting For NFL Games

Florida is a virtual panacea of wagering hobbyists. The Seminoles and the Gators are two of the most powerful college teams around, and now fans can sign up at the best overall gambling site for Florida residents. The sportsbook is massive, and you can bet that you will find most college games on it. also houses a top-rated poker section and a casino with hundreds of games. Whatever sort of experience you are looking for, this place is sure to have it.

SportsBetting is much more than just a sportsbook, they have some of the best poker and casino action around. The 100% first deposit bonus for poker will make you a chip leader in no time. SportsBetting will give you an extra 100% on top of your first deposit, going all the way up to $2,000 with code “NEWSB”. There are plenty of big bonuses for all types of gambling, just find the promo and enter it when making your deposit. Then your bonus will be activated, and you will be well on your way to meeting the rollover requirements in order to collect your free money.Go To SportsBetting!

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Online Sports Betting Sites That Accept Florida ResidentsOnline Casinos That Accept Florida Residents

Many online casinos are open to players in the state of Florida. These include casinos operating off of a number of different brands of software. The RTG software is one of the most versatile brands of software in a casino, while the Rival, Top Game, and Odds On software are all still fairly powerful. Either way, there are plenty of high-quality online casinos that accept FL residents. Aladdin’s Gold is among one of the favorites for Florida players, while Lucky Red Casino is also on the list of top five casino sites.

Sports bettors in the state of Florida will find that there are a number of gambling sites that are open to Floridians. If you want to bet on sports in the state of Florida, some of the top online sports gambling sites include Bovada and SportsBetting. Both have odds on teams like the Florida State Seminoles, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Marlins, and more. We have looked into as many possible sportsbooks as we can, and we can tell you that there is no short supply of options available.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Florida Residents


Though there are many poker rooms littered around the state, online poker rooms are still of value. These online poker rooms are as close to a real poker room as possible, with live dealer options available. If you are going to play the games, we can tell you that there are many poker rooms available for hitting the virtual felts. One of the best online poker sites that accept Florida residents is BetOnline, which is open to players of all experience levels.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Florida Players

Online Bingo Sites That Accept Florida Players

Residents prefer to use the online bingo sites that accept Florida players because there are far more gaming options. There are numerous online bingo rooms to enter, all of which offer 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-bingo. Purchase as many cards as you want and join the room of your choice. One of the best sites for online bingo is Downtown Bingo, which is known for their tournaments, bonuses, and exclusive giveaways.


Online poker players in Florida are welcome to legally play at Bovada. This great poker site will have tournaments, tables, and games to meet all kinds of different budgets. Florida players can receive a 100 percent bonus up to $1,000

Is Online Gambling Legal In Florida?

We have already given you some background over whether or not there is online gambling legal in Florida, and we can tell you that no one has been arrested for gambling online in the state. Even if no laws have made it legal to participate, there are no laws that have made it illegal.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Florida?

As long as you are not running an online gambling site within Florida's borders, you really have nothing to worry about. Florida is a state that doesn't have laws forbidding online gambling and therefore it is lenient with residents that decide to participate. And, sticking with the reputable sites on this page, it's not going to matter that online casinos aren't regulated because these gambling portals all have a high standing amongst its peers and player base.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Florida?

Online casino gaming is not something you will have a tough time finding, and these games are very open in the state. Florida residents may have limited forms of casino gaming in the southern half of the state, but there are no options in the north - thus, online casinos have become very necessary.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Florida?

Sports bettors will find that there are plenty of options for wagering in the state of Florida, but only if the Internet is used. We have found that players can turn to the Internet to wager on any number of sports, with a near unlimited number of options available. Our trusted list of sportsbooks are all legally operating in the state, so you should have little to no trouble betting on sports if you follow our advice.

Article: Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Is Online Poker Legal In Florida?

Online poker is one of the most trafficked forms of online gambling, and you will find that these choices are legal in the state of Florida. If you decide to play online poker, know that you will not get in trouble for playing these games. If you decide to start playing, keep in mind that not all of the options available are legitimate - unless you stick to the places we have found.

Will I go to jail for online gambling in Florida?

As Florida Lawmakers Look To Change State Gambling Laws, They ..

Thousands of Florida residents gamble online every day, and guess what - not a single one of them have been arrested for gambling over the Internet. Not only is this true, but we are also 100% sure that there will never be a test case as there is no law that can really be used to prosecute you.