Master Degree In Gambling

The would-be gambling expert must pass The King Scobe Graduate Degree in Gambling Test. Here's the test again, this time with the answers. If you hold a bachelor's degree, you have the option of furthering your education with a graduate degree in hospitality management, though this is not typically required for gaming management positions. The gaming management degree program you choose may offer flexibility in scheduling and location. Some programs are offered online, while other. A degree in Casino Management will regularly not require a large amount of time investment and is typically achieved in only a year or two. The most commonplace Casino Management degree earned was an associate's degree and it also has the widest range of school possibilities as well. A master’s degree is a required stepping stone toward licensure in many states. The Master of Science in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University follows a rigorous curriculum designed to introduce students to evidence-based substance use disorder assessments and treatments.

  1. Master Degree In Gaming
  2. Master's Degree In Gambling

When most people think about the gambling industry, high-flying careers are not the first thing that comes to mind. This is because the industry is associated with luck and games that have nothing to do with professional training. This is not to mean that there are not other issues aside of dealing in the gambling industry though. In fact, there are many aspects of the industry that would not function if there was no trained personnel. The gambling industry has been growing and every year, more and more graduates are needed in the industry. The jobs in this industry are well paying too. So what careers are available in the gambling industry for graduates? Let us look at some of the top four.

Master Degree In Gambling

1. Game Developer

The gambling industry is now dominated by online games. With online casinos Canada and in other areas as well getting more attention from authorities, professionalism is now part of the industry. The fact that the online gambling market has grown means that most casinos depend on the skills of developers. In the game development industry, there are many different roles that professionals can play. Every aspect of game development from editing, production, design and quality assurance are all great opportunities. There are also opportunities in advisory roles as the development realm involves a lot of technical skill.

Game development involves various aspects of both technical and creative skill. In order to get into this field, a computer programming or design degree will be sufficient. When it comes to remunerations, game developers in the gambling industry can earn anything from $30,000 to $60,000 or even more depending on experience.

2. Bookmaker


Bookmakers, also known as Odds traders, are responsible for the organization of gambling activities. Bookmakers oversee the whole process of placing bets and they earn from the platform that runs the games. To be a bookmaker, you need adequate training. The gambling world has evolved a lot and every aspect of the industry is professionally-run. In the modern day, there are special courses for bookmakers in the higher institutions of learning. In overall though, it is not necessary to have an actual degree as any proof of knowledge in the betting world and a sufficient background in mathematics will be enough. Just like with any other field that involves interactions with people, proper negotiation and management skills will be required. Bookmakers are well-paid too, with the average salary of being around $25,000.

3. Compliance Manager

Master Degree In Gaming

Just like in other industries, there are rules and regulations that guide the gambling industry. Every online casino is regulated by these rules and it must abide at all times. Compliance managers are the professionals who have the role of ensuring that casinos are on the right side of the law. They work in every gambling organization to ensure that both patrons and the companies they work for a protected by the law. In order to be a compliance manager in the gambling industry, you need to have a legal background.

A degree in the legal field is thus needed. In addition to that, experience in the gambling industry is also an added advantage. There are other issues that fall under compliance management including accounting, but ultimately, the profession is all about legal affairs. The salary for a compliance manager can range from $30,000 to $60,000 on average.

Master's Degree In Gambling

4. Security Analyst

Every industry has its security challenges. The gambling industry is no exception as it is often targeted by hackers, fraudsters, and other malicious individuals. Security analysts are therefore needed in this industry to ensure that casinos are operating safely. The job of a security analyst in the gambling world is one that has been growing in demand in recent years. Ever since online casinos became popular, the level of security threats has increased. Security analysts are usually trained as cybersecurity experts. A degree in information technology and cybersecurity fields is thus necessary for you to be a security analyst in the gambling world. On average, security analysts earn about $40,000 but there are bigger benefits that come with career progression.

There are many other opportunities available in the gambling world for graduates. The gambling industry is still growing in every single way and professionals will continue to find opportunities in the market. The above careers are however some of the most attractive in the gambling industry today.

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