Nuts Poker League Rules

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East Anglia Monday Night

Nuts Poker League Rules

Please find below event results for the live pub poker tournament held at East Anglia Monday Night in PPPoker on-line on 17 August 2020 at 20:00:

Event Statistics

Nuts Poker League Rules Cheat

Total Players: 20 - Prize Pool (1-8): 4000

1Godfrey 'Grrrowler' Pratt7122761230
2Sam Chambers73368403830
3Linda 'Running Bad' Morrison1015938550
4Claire 'River witch ' Forster1001006430
5Laura Ling707311390
6Sandy 'Purplepixie' Prior715670310
7Peter Poppetru1018068270
8Paula 'The Firecracker' Spink706388230
9Stephen 'Never Bluff' Warner68780080
10Darren 'Sniper' Wymer7336223980
11Patrick 'Benchy ' Hacon7335642280
12Trevor 'On The River' Owen 23942580
13Martin Dickinson71255880
14Ricky '#37' Woods70743980
15Kim 'MEL' Spooner71344680
16Trevor Rodgers101807280
17Dave 'Still Rockin' Adams71802880
18Adam 'AK 47' Kaloo101518380
19George 'Electric Vet' Eding72691680
20Alan Thompson7336421980

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Nuts Poker League Rules Against

Privacy & Anonymity

Nuts Poker League Rules Card Game

We value all our players and respect your privacy. If you wish to play anonymously and do not wish to have your name appearing on the league tables please let us know; however please remember that if your name does not appear, you will not be eligible to qualify for any regional or national events as we will be unable to confirm your identity.