Pink Panther Slot Machine Value

Pink panther slot machine value

The Pink Panther has been around so long that just the theme song is recognizable worldwide. As soon as you hear the name, you know what's coming. But this slot doesn't just rest on the fact that the franchise is well known, offering tons of fun bonus rounds, not to mention 2 progressive jackpots, it's no wonder it's a fan favourite.

Slot machine increases in value approximately two (2) to 4 (four) percent per year. Not all machines increase in value. Not all machines are valuable. (A machine's value can stabilize and decrease as well). If a machine is damaged or nonworking, it will DECREASE in value. Some machines will command a high price simply because they. The Pink Panther is a charming slot machine, even if you take it with all its flaws, but that doesn’t mean that we’d recommend it to players. Despite having a well formed user interface, it’s only redeeming feature is that it pays homage to a great cartoon character and set of renowned comedy films. Pink Panther Slot Machine (Vintage) Straight from Japan Actual machine used in Japanese slot parlor. This machine has given my family years of enjoyment. The Pink Panther slot machine can only take tokens that come with the machine, however t are several settings to gaurentee a winner more often to less often just as if it were the parlor.

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Pink Panther, detective


40 Blackjack insurance rules 2020.

RTP (%)


Join Inspector Clouseau in hunting for the Pink Panther, and the big wins, in this exciting slot filled with extras.

What we like

Pink Panther Slot Machine Value Sheet

  • Great variety of bonus rounds
  • Popular franchise with iconic theme song
  • Frequent payouts from low volatility
  • Fun design that keeps you spinning
What Can Improve?
  • Payouts are lower than expected
  • Bonus rounds can be infrequent

About Pink Panther

The Pink Panther slot offers tons of different kinds of features, with all the extras triggering randomly. This means that you don't need to hold your breath waiting for a specific icon to appear across the reels. Instead, the titular character can deliver these fun experiences at any time, on any spin, which will certainly keep you looking for the next bit of action.

Wins are found across the 40 paylines at regular intervals, keeping you coming back for more.

Very exciting game for fans of the Pink Panther, and great to have regular payouts while you wait for the progressive jackpot.

- Claire Fraser, Senior Editor

Pink Panther Slots online, free

  • Numerous varied bonus rounds
  • Excellent soundtrack and effects
  • Free spins with stacked wilds
  • Instant cash prizes from mini games

Pink Panther Slot Machine Value List

It's important to note that the bonuses can be rather unpredictable. The first time we played, we spun over 100 times without getting a single one. But upon trying again, we managed to hit 3 different bonuses within 40 spins. The payouts do come often in the base game, so it's best to simply play and enjoy the journey, rather than always be chasing the, sometimes illusive, bonus games.