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If you are interested in buying Aristocrat gaming slot machines then it is not a big deal until your country grants you legal permission to own these slot machines. Aristocrat gaming slot machines are mostly acquired by land casinos of pubs and clubs to use them commercially. Online casinos only have video games at their disposal so real gaming machines are always up on sale by Aristocrat. With wonderful themes and great graphics webbed into 3D animations these games of vibrant color in the reels also have progressive jackpots and bonus to win with other great features that attract every land casino owner to buy one for the players.

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Before you as a casino owner or individual think of buying an Aristocrat gaming slot machine you need to understand what type of gaming machines are offered by Aristocrat. In their language they term these slots as cabinets or gaming cabinets. Innovation is embedded into every aspect of their business. Whether they are designing sleek new cabinets, premium game content or award-winning systems, they apply fresh thinking and creativity to deliver the world’s greatest gaming experience, every day so you will find latest gaming technology in these machines.

Their development centres in India and the United States continue to push the boundaries of technology and create innovative hardware and systems to support and enhance their market-leading game portfolio.

With over 2100 patents and 2900 trademarks, Aristocrat’s intellectual property (IP) is one of their most valuable assets and has been built up over 60 year history. They are always innovating the next big thing, whether it’s licensed TV and movie themes, new proprietary titles that are destined to become old favourites or the very latest in cabinet and systems innovation.

Aristocrat Gaming Cabinets

They offer impressive range of cabinets designed to bring the world’s greatest games to life. With sleek designs, high-quality hardware and advanced digital capabilities they create an exciting experience for players around the world.

Whether players prefer an entertainment experience, the thrill of the jackpot or engaging you’re your favourite movie and TV characters, Aristocrat cabinets enhance the full range of game styles and drive performance on the casino or gaming floor.

ARC gaming cabinets

The ARC cabinets offer a cinematic experience with sweeping, curved, touch-screen technology. Since its launch in 2014, the ARC has become an industry sensation and combines premium drama, vision and sound to deliver interactive entertainment like never before.

The Arc Single features exclusive game content and a full catalogue of established player favourites including 5 Dragons Gold, More Chilli and Sky Rider.

The Arc Double cabinet was awarded as one of Casino Journal’s ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products’ in 2014 and Casino Enterprise Management’s ‘Top 10 Pokies Floor Technology Awards’ in 2015. You can enjoy impressive new licensed titles on the Arc Double, including Britney Spears, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and Buffalo Grand pokies games. Also the ARC Wheel cabinet, complete with a mechanical wheel on top, adds a fun new dimension to the game and allows to reward loyal players.

BEHEMOTH gaming cabinets

The Behemoth is the world’s largest pokies machine, with a surprisingly small footprint. The biggest and boldest cabinet in range transforms innovative games into social events, with an imposing presence that generates real buzz on the casino floor. You’ll be able to spot this monster a mile away—just look out for the 84-inch ultra high-definition LCD portrait monitor with surround sound. The industry’s most advanced ergonomic design enhances player comfort, while a dual bench and 14-button deck facilitates couples or group play.

The Behemoth cabinet is sleek, stunning and an instant icon, hosting some of Aristocrat’s hottest games including The Big Bang Theory and the legendary Buffalo Stampede.

HELIX gaming cabinet

The Helix family of cabinets introduced a new era of hardware design to the gaming industry, engaging players with a rich audio-visual experience and multi-dimensional entertainment.

The Helix is designed with player comfort and engagement in mind. An infinity-edged, frameless, high-definition display projects content towards the player and appears to float in front of the machine, while ergonomic features give players more leg room and a height-adjusted, extended button deck with padded wrist bolster. With a stylish champagne finish and programmable LED ambient lighting, the Helix is a truly exciting experience and perfectly complements Aristocrat’s premium game content.

VIRIDIAN WS gaming cabinet

The sleek Viridian Widescreen runs on Aristocrat’s powerful GEN7 platform and continues to be a worldwide favourite among players. It boasts stunning 22-inch LCD screens, 13-button panel support and improved ergonomics, with exciting new programmable LCD buttons that bring the gaming experience right to the players’ fingertips.

With eye-popping graphics and exceptional sound, this award-winning cabinet strikes the perfect balance between comfort, performance and gaming experience.

FLAME gaming cabinet

Featuring an eye-catching single 55” infinity-style, flame-shaped 4k-ready LCD panel, the Flame delivers a revolution in crisp, clean and seamless gaming entertainment. You can enjoy the most popular Aristocrat pokies Game of Thrones on this beautiful cabinet.

RELM gaming cabinet

Used Video Poker Machines For Sale

Joining forces with the mechanical-reel masterminds of VGT, Aristocrat has built a revolutionary stepper cabinet from the ground up. RELM offers a multitude of key features that both core and casual punters will love. This is a classic-meets-cool cabinet equipped with best-in-class performance and an unmatched arsenal of games. There are 12 outstanding pokies to play with this cabinet.

EDGEX gaming cabinets

EDGE X Aristocrat new cabinets come with fual 43” curved, 4k-ready LCD panoramic screens, a two-player “community mode” and an ergonomic sound bench, this is the pokies that widens your view of what the edge of pokies design looks and feels like. Popular pokie to play with this cabinet is Madonna pokies.

Aristocrat gaming slot machines for sale

Poker Machines For Sale Australia Money

Many types of Aristocrat gaming slot machines are for sale at online sites. You can visit Alibaba, World Wide Gaming; online eBay store and many other online websites that sell Aristocrat poker machines most of which are used ones. You can even get some of the best of pokies games titles like 5 Dragons, Dragon Emperor, Geisha, Imperial House, Sun and Moon, Wicked Winnings II latest being Walking Dead, Britney Spears, Goblin Gold, Lightning Link, Sons of Anarchy are games to be enjoyed.


Aristocrat’s video pokies offer between 3 and 50 paylines, and many of their games have repeat win options and other standard features of pokies such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, and bonus rounds. Besides the thematic feature, the pokies from Aristocrat also come with unique features such as a Drag ‘n Drop symbol, which is a wild icon and can be moved onto any symbol. Another unique feature is the Reel Power feature or 243 Ways to Win. It’s a paying system and winning combinations are paid from left to right. A third unique feature found in some Aristocrat pokies in the sticky wild feature. When it appears on the reels, this icon remains stuck for that spin or for the next subsequent spins increasing your chances of winning.

If you wish to buy directly from Aristocrat then contact Aristocrat gaming technology directly at any of their offices located at Australia, Africa, Asia, India, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and United States. The address and phone numbers are to be found here along with online contact form to be used in case you need to know more about the sales in detail.

Remember that Aristocrat offers Fair Gaming and is an ASX100 listed company and one of the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions. They are licensed in 240 gaming jurisdictions and operate in 90 countries around the world, with a team of over 3000 employees who deliver outstanding results by pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and technology.

Your love for pokies might have made you think of owning one for your personal use. Well, many countries have different gambling laws and also prohibit to have a gaming machine at home. For example in Australia, it is illegal to have a poker machine at home. But if you do so and you are caught with the machine it can result in an $11,000 fine, 12 months jail, or both. Also, you will have to surrender the machine to the concerned authorities.

So the question that most of the Kiwis want to know is that can you buy poker machines in New Zealand? The answer is that yes you can but you need a license to buy one. This means that thought the law is not strict but still you need to inquire whether you do require a license to buy a poker machine as all local NZ casinos do so to operate them. That is why we call them licensed casinos. The gambling laws in New Zealand is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). You can check at their website and ask them as what all you require to buy a pokies machine.

Rules to buy poker machines in New Zealand


You will find that the Gambling Act of 2003 is the primary law that regulates gambling in New Zealand. Section 22 and 23 cover cases where no gambling license is required to operate. Reading Section 22 one can interpret running poker tournaments, betting pools, housie (bingo) or other forms of gambling other than machines, where no cut (rake) is taken and the prize is under $500 is considered Class 1 Gambling. This is fully legal and no license is required. Section 22 defines Class 2 Gambling, which is mostly for organizations, charities and certain businesses.

Rules Differ with Types of Gambling

The class 3 gambling, as described in sections 27 and 28 of the Gambling Act 2003 are those where the prize offered in the gambling activity, or in one session of the gambling, exceed $5,000 like lotto, instant games and housie games and does not involve a gaming machine, directly or indirectly.

The class 4 gambling is where any activity that involves the use of a gaming machine outside a casino but it may be run only by a corporate society and only to raise money for authorised purposes. With all the above legal information it’s time for you to find poker machines for sale in NZ and here are the wonderful 5 tips to do so.

5 Tips of Find Poker Machine for Sale in NZ

Most of the punters in NZ want poker machines or pokies machines that are refurbished. Which means you wanna have old and used poker machines. This is because players or pokies collectors just want poker machines for their own private use or for display at their pubs, clubs or even at their drawing rooms at home. For show or for fun or for free play, poker machines come under private gambling which is not considered as a class of gambling in the eyes of law. It is not covered by the 2004 game rules for each specific type of activity. However, it must comply with the definition in the Act or it will become illegal gambling and participants will be subjected to the possibility of prosecution. So you need to first understand what the law says and then find the pokies machines that are for sale. Here are the 5 tips to find real poker machines for sale in New Zealand.

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1. Get them Direct from the Gaming Developers

If you wish to run a casino or buy for a charitable purpose or as an individual you can find poker machines to buy directly from the gaming developer. Aristocrat is a leading global provider of gaming solutions, namely world-class software, systems and hardware. Aristocrat’s products and services are available in over 55 countries around the world. To visit the Aristocrat website click here.

If you are interested in IGT pokies machines then you can visit them on their website and know more.

Draw Poker Machine For Sale

Another gaming developer is Konami Australia PTY Limited which was established in November 1996 and is now one of the leading designers and manufacturers of Gaming Machines. Based in Botany, Sydney, Konami’s dedication to providing the most innovative, reliable and profitable gaming equipment has earned it the reputation as one of the emerging leaders in a challenging market place. You can try your luck here too.

One more to mention is Star games Corporation Pty that specialises in designing, manufacturing and supplying sophisticated electronic gaming products and technologies to the gaming industry.

2. Find Pokies Machines at Auction Sites

You can find pokies machines on sale at various Auction sites of New Zealand like the Trademe or at eBid or at Lixtor. These are only a few examples as you will find many online auction sites where you can purchase these pokies machines. All you need is to register yourself at these sites, search for the pokies machines and you will find many of them listed with their photos and prices.

Select the one you wish to have and you can clear your doubts to know the details all directly with the seller through email. When satisfied you can pay by various options mentioned in these sites, like Credit/debit cards, Cheques, Paypal, Cash deposit, Google checkout, Demand Draft and many more modes of payment.

3. Get Real Poker Machines at Various Online Websites

There are many online sites that offer poker machines for sale. Like fishpond which is a New Zealand online store that sells poker machines. At online websites you will find a huge selection and prices that you can choose from.

The process is that you need to register at these online sites and search for pokies machines and you will find the listing with description, price and photo of the machines. But one thing you have to look is most of these online sites like eBay have these machines imported from USA or UK so you need to again check with the laws of your country whether you can buy these poker machines or not.

4. Have from Real Casinos that Sell Old Poker Machines

This is one of the easiest ways to find poker machines. As many real casinos in New Zealand also sell their old poker machines. These machines are for entertainment purpose and can be housed for your personal use. Also, these machines can be bought by clubs, pubs or for charitable institutions and come under the certain class of gambling which are regulated by the gaming authorities and laws of New Zealand. It is always to keep an eye on the sales department of real land local casinos in NZ and ask them for any old machines for sale or for auction.

5. Get from Gaming Machine Distributors

Second Hand Poker Machines For Sale Australia

You can find poker machines with the Gaming Machine Distributors and are licensed IGT Dealer for the whole of the South Island and has expanded its area of operation, to Christchurch, Canterbury the West Coast the Nelson and Marlborough regions.

Their Christchurch premises are located at 60-62 Montreal Street, Christchurch and even offer extensive workshop repair facilities along with product assembly lines, spare parts department, and product showrooms with the latest release games and substantial warehouse facilities. You can contact their Sales and Service staff at Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, Invercargill and the West Coast. Their primary activities are to sell and service the extensive range of IGT gaming machines, as well as jackpot link systems and ancillary equipment. They have been selling poker machines to Chartered Clubs, Sports Clubs, Hotels, Taverns and variety of Charitable Societies who own and operate gaming machines.

Poker Slot Machines For Sale

Besides these 5 tips as to find real poker machines it is but advisable to go through the rules and regulations carefully and have a legal process to get these machines for your use and serve a responsible gaming and gambling in the country.