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Vore Blackjack game. Addeddate 2018-12-23 00:26:42 Identifier ultimateblackjack201812 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. Plus-circle Add Review. Ready for whatever you throw at it, the Rome Blackjack is a true do-it-all board for all-mountain freestyle adventures. A Contact Camber profile balances flexibility and response with a 100% flat camber design, while FiveGnar Sidecuts help you lock into turns and maintain control at high speeds.

  • Sizes: 150, 153, 156, 157W, 159, 160W
  • Flex: 6
  • Profile: Flat
  • Shape: True Twin

Freestyle, as everyone knows, started before parks, and if you’re only interested in throwing shapes on the groomed features then you’re doing something wrong. The Rome Blackjack snowboard is for hitting everything and anything you come across, with a flat profile that definitely suits its ‘all-mountain freestyle’ intentions.

A carve on a flat board will never feel like one made on a traditional camber board, but Rome has attempted to minimise the discrepancy on the Blackjack (as well as its other flat sticks) by varying the sidecut. By putting a tighter radius at each end and in the middle, and a longer one at the feet, you should get easier turn initiation and a more powerful exit.

“The Rome Blackjack isn’t exactly a ‘premium’ board, but that’s reflected in the price tag” Goldfish slots free online.

As a true twin it’s ripe for the park, where the flat profile won’t easily hang up on rails and boxes but will still deliver enough edge hold for kicker take-offs. The base is a strengthened version of a classic extruded style, so while it won’t be the quickest it can definitely take a beating – as well as being easy to repair when the time comes.

The Rome Blackjack isn’t exactly a ‘premium’ board, but that’s reflected in the pricetag. As a ‘resort’ board to stash alongside your high-tech pow gun, it’s ideal, and would also suit any rider wanting an affordable all-terrain-vehicle.


Rome Blackjack 2018 Games

The 2018 Rome Snowboards collection is now available and this overview will help you to categorize their new line-up.

There are a number of new boards in Rome’s line-up with a couple of others getting the drop.

New Rome Snowboards

The following are new for Rome for 2018:

  • Rome National – aggressive all-mountain freestyle
  • Rome National Bjorn – the National beefed up
  • Rome Marshal – all mountain freestyle
  • Rome Blackjack – freestyle
  • Rome Kashmir – freestyle
  • Rome Gang Plank Mini
  • Rome Royal Girls


The following boards have exited the line-up (no 2018 model):

  • Rome Reverb
  • Rome Agent
  • Rome Agent Rocker
  • Rome Scandal
  • Rome Double Agent
  • Rome Mini Agent Rocker

Beginner Boards

All of the beginner boards listed here are also listed in other categories.


Rome blackjack 2018 games
  • Rome Artifact Rocker
  • Rome Mechanic
  • Rome Factory Rocker
  • Rome Reverb Rocker


  • Rome Royal

Jib/Street Boards


  • Rome Gang Plank
  • Rome Gang Plank Len

Freestyle/Park Boards


  • Rome Reverb Rocker
  • Rome Factory Rocker
  • Rome Artifact
  • Rome Artifact Rocker
  • Rome Buckshot
  • Rome Blackjack NEW


  • Rome Heist
  • Rome Kashmir NEW

All-Mountain-Freestyle Boards


  • Rome Mod-Rocker
  • Rome Marshal NEW


  • Rome Lo-Fi Rocker

Aggressive All-Mountain-Freestyle


  • Rome Mod
  • Rome Mod Stale
  • Rome Agent Alek
  • Rome Crossrocket
  • Rome National NEW
  • Rome National Bjorn NEW


  • Rome Lo-Fi

All-Mountain Boards


  • Rome Mechanic


  • Rome Royal

Aggressive All-Mountain Boards


  • Rome Mountain Division



  • Rome Blur
  • Rome Sawtooth


  • Rome Winterland



Rome Blackjack 2018 Release

  • Rome Powder Division PT (Pointy Tail)
  • Rome Powder Division ST (Swallow Tail short/wide)
  • Rome Powder Division MT (Moon Tail short/wide)

Split Boards


  • Rome Whiteroom

Rome Sds Blackjack 2018


Rome Blackjack 2018 Download

  • Rome Powder Room

Rossignol’s Youth & Kid’s Boards

  • Rome Label (in a 130, 135, 140 & 145)
  • Rome Minishred (in a 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125)
  • Rome Gang Plank Mini NEW (in a 134, 138, 142, 146)
  • Rome Royal Girls NEW (in a 128 & 134)

Rome Blackjack 2018 Game

Thanks for reading

So that’s Rome’s boards for 2018. My categorizations are a bit different to Rome’s but this is where I see these boards fitting.

There have been a few changes in the line-up but overall, there’s still a feel of freestyle among most of their boards until you get to the powder end of things.

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