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Policar Lotus 72 sample testing on the Milano Slot club track. No magnet, Policar F22 F1 tyres. An exciting slot machine experience on Facebook brought to you by diwip. Slots Club features beautiful video slot machines with 40 bet lines, huge payouts & jackpots, big bonus rounds, fun themes, and free spins. You’ll love to share gifts and compete with friends from all over the world. On the wall across from the slot club ($1199 royal) 25¢, 50¢. STP (2) between Chi and the bathrooms; (1) in non-smoking area near Cafe Milano. 3 Slant-tops 25¢, $1 1 Play @ Qube Bar. Bartops 25¢, $1 1 Play between buffet and coffee shop. 5 Slant-tops 25¢, $1 10 Play MG just north of Buffet cashier. 6 Uprights 25¢, 50¢, $1 5-10 Coins. Fiera Milano Exhibition Center (6.16 mi) Autodromo Nazionale Monza (10.98 mi) San Siro Stadium (3.06 mi) San Raffaele Hospital (4.48 mi) Bocconi University (1.63 mi) Istituto Clinico Humanitas (6.94 mi) Santa Maria delle Grazie (0.85 mi) Corso Como (0.69 mi). Welcome to our website – a definitive independent guide featuring in-depth reviews and comparison of various brands, services and products! Our guiding principle in creating this website was a simple one: to build the kind of site that an individual seeking for such services, would want to read.

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Let's face it, while most of us on the Wizard of Las Vegas forum only plays games with very low house advantages or even games with positive expectation for the player, the vast majority of gamblers who go to Las Vegas play the slots.
My aunt is a perfect example of a very valuable slot player. She is perfectly happy playing the maximum 400 credits on the penny slot machines, or the maximum on the dollar slots, or even the $5 or $10 slot machines. She will sit in front of a slot machine minding her own business for 8+ hours a day, and normally brings a bankroll of between $15,000 to $20,000 for a 4 day long trip to Las Vegas. If she wins money, fantastic. If she loses but has fun with her friends, that's perfectly fine too. As a wealthy widow with grown children, the only thing that she worries about other then gambling are her grandkids, whom she spoils rotten. She mostly gambles at a local casino in California, but makes about 3 or 4 trips to Las Vegas a year with a group of her friends, who are also all wealthy widows.
The last 4 or 5 years, my aunt and her friends have been staying and playing downtown (Golden Nugget, I think) and let me tell you that she and her friends have been treated royally by their hosts. I am a fairly big table games player, but the red carpet really gets rolled out for them when they come to town. However, on her past trip this February, she commented that downtown is getting too dirty and old for her tastes. I guess one of her friends got hassled by a drunk or something while they were walking around, and they are thinking about trying out a different casino on the strip or even off the strip (provided that there is enough to do).
My question for the forum is this. Which is the best slot club for slot players in Las Vegas? How does the MGM M-Life and Ceasar's Players Club compare to one another? The reason why these two pop into my mind is that they occationally wander from casino to casino.
Are there any other safe, nice, clean, casino locations you would suggest for a group of women in their early to mid 70s who love the slot machines?
Please note that it's slot machines that they like playing and not video poker. Over the years I have kept trying to get her to change over, but she says that video poker hurts her head.
Slot Club Milano
Not answering your question, but noting that 'a group of women in their early to mid 70s' who 'occasionally wander from casino to casino' will have a bit of a shock switching from downtown to the strip where the casino next door is a 30 minute hike.
That's very true. I once took my aunt with me to Green Valley Ranch a couple of years ago and she loved it. However, when she mentioned it to me when I spoke to her last, I informed her that it really wouldn't work for her friends as it is too far away from everything else.
You are right that they will probably not like walking from casino to casino on the strip, but they are comfortable taking cabs or town cars around Las Vegas.
The M Life slot club is the best for strip properties. Caesars is the worst.
The Tuscanny was just voted Best of Las Vegas for slot club in the annual RJ poll.

Slot Club Milano Poker

It really comes down to what they want. M Life will give more cash/comps, Total Rewards will give more rooms and random gifts. My sense is that if they're playing at a high enough level, an MGM host will comp a room and the regular program will still give the cash/comps. With Total Rewards giving the room for free from the start, they may not have the flexibility to increase the cash/comps part of the package.
Edit: Just noticed that Gambler's question is 6 weeks old. Not sure how I missed it in March.
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I agree that Caesar's is far better than MGM. I have both and I get something from Caesar's and nothing from MGM.
Hmm..if your aunt has a host at GN, she should find out if anybody from the GN player development staff has moved on to a Strip property. They move around all the time -- there is a lot of movement from GN to the Strip since it is the last 'stepping stone' in downtown. If so, she could tell the new property to look into her GN play, see how good it is, and ask them to match or better the treatment she has gotten at GN. Any property should be fighting for her play.
She maight actualy have the best treatment at a nice, off-strip property like Hard Rock, Palms, or Red Rock/GVR. (The last two might be more her speed). The key is to find a host, and at that, a host that can validate her past play history. If she can guarantee bringing 4-5 BIG bankrolls to the slots -- well, I would look into Wynn/Venetian, obviously. Or play the big chain representatives (Aria/Bellagio/Mirage/Caesars Palace) off of one another
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The promotions at the M Hotel are pretty good, and it has a classy atmosphere. However, it is out at the end of nowhere, so it suffers from the same problem as GVR.
Slot Club MilanoWynnCore might be a good option for her. Lots to choose from between the two properties in an upscale locale. It's tough anywhere on the strip to change casinos in a few minutes.
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Slot clubs are just as much a part of the casino experience as the slot machines on the floor. There's absolutely no reason why a casino player should not join a slots club. It’s simply a way for the casino to attract new players and for you to increase your bankroll or receive some added benefits of playing at that casino. Joining a slots club will have no impact on whether you win or lose on any particular game. Below is an article on how to join a slots club, what to look for when joining a slots comp program, and how to calculate your cashback percentage based on wagers. If you are looking for an online casino with a great slots club, please check out our top 3 casinos below. You won't be disappointed..we weren't :)

What are Slot Clubs?

Slot clubs reward regular players with benefits such as slot bonuses and even cash back offers. Monopoly casino download free. To join a slots club in a land based casino you normally would need to visit the VIP lounge in complete the application form. In turn the clerk will sign you into the program and provide you with plastic cards similar to your debit card with a magnetic strip on the back. The magnetic strip tracks your game play on any slot machine and sometimes table games as long as the card remains in the machine. Based on the amount of your wagers you'll be rewarded with comp points to use in the VIP program.

Online Casino Slot Clubs

The best online casinos also provide slot clubs similar to the land based casinos. The only difference between the two is that Slot Clubs online are automatic, meaning when you make a first deposit the casino will immediately enrol you into their VIP programs. The rewards program between land based casino and an online casino is somewhat different. Most online casinos won’t offer you any trips or hotel accommodations where as the land based casinos do. In exchange though you will receive casino bonuses and cash back offers. Slot clubs online vary from one casino to the next as do their terms and conditions. Before you sign up to just any casino we suggest you look at what the casinos offer in regards to a Slot Club as well as what will be required from you in order to receive those bonuses.

How Are Comps Awarded

Nearly all online casinos provide details on how they apply comps to player accounts. Comps are also referred to as frequent player points. You will have to search for details on the comp program, as most casinos don't openly provide it right on the bonus page. It's not as though they're trying to hide it from you, but unless you are specifically looking for its difficult find. Usually you will see a link on the bonus promotion page for terms and conditions. We strongly advise players to read all of the casinos T&C’s before signing up for any bonus program rewards program. What you see isn’t always what you’re going to receive, and some casinos are very shady with their bonus and slot clubs.

Read the Terms and Conditions for Every Slot Club Before Joining

Once you have found the page explaining how the casino calculates frequent player points you should also find details on how many points you will need for the bonus as well as any cash back offers the casino provides in their slots club. This is how you tell which casino has the better deal or your percentage of cash back.

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