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If you are interested in sponsoring a regional slot tech class at your casino, contact Randy Fromm. tel.619.838.7111
[email protected]
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Slot Tech Magazine Interesting Stuff

'Hey Randy! I just wanted to let you know that the LCD class was one of the most informative classes I have ever attended! It was a BLAST!! Please keep me in mind if you offer anymore classes!'

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Thank You,
Matt Knicley
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Slot Tech Magazine Interesting Stuff 2020

'I attended a class you held on LCD monitor repair and would like to thank you. Casino dance classes nyc. The way you explain things in plain english is amazing. You made things so much easier to understand than I thought was possible. I've been working on these machines for about 13 years and would have never believed that it could be that easy to learn to fix this equipment. I would also like to thank you for taking the extra time to go over power supplies while there. Since the class, I've been able to fix three LCD monitors and power supplies on two other machines that I had worked on for hours with no success before. I never realized how much I time I was wasting on things that couldn't be the problem, or understood why they couldn't be the problem until attending the class.'

Christopher Savach
[email protected]

'You are an excellent teacher. I learned a lot from you in the class. I will be more confident on working on my in-house monitors.' - Paul Martin

Slot Tech Magazine Interesting Stuff 2019

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is powered by an F1 engine, so what better person to have drive one after work than Lewis Hamilton? This hypercar’s highly-efficient hybrid power unit and the electrified front axle ensure an exciting mix of performance and efficiency. Both combine to produce over 1000 hp and its high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system is an intelligently networked unit consisting of a combustion engine and a total of four electric motors, two of which drive the front wheels to allow variable all-wheel drive. Read more for a video and additional information.