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Your top 10 Buffy/Spike Moments:

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(People who's list has only 5 moments were originally from 'All Of You')

1.Rachel ll www

In Remembarance of Poker Kitten. Message Board Rules, Tips and Troubleshooting. Like many of you, I had known her via Bloody Spike, since the early 2000s. Synopsis Spike hires the cat and mouse detectives to find out who kidnapping the dog in poker.

1. The scenes from 'Touched' in the abandoned house where Spike comforts and holds Buffy, giving her strength..especially where he tells her she's a 'hell of a woman.'

2. The church scene in 'Beneath You' when Buffy learns that Spike has a soul.

3. Willow's spell from 'Something Blue' that makes the couple think they're engaged. I especially love the bantering at the beginning.

4. The very end of 'Fool For Love' where Spike confronts Buffy on her back porch and ends up sitting with her instead of killing her.

5. The last scene of 'Intervention' where Spike reveals he didn't say anything to Glory and Buffy thanks him with a kiss.

6. The very end of 'Once More With Feeling' where we see their first intense kiss.

7. 'Chosen' -- their last scene together.

8. The last scene of 'Smashed' going into..

9. Their morning after scene in 'Wrecked'

10. When Buffy rescues Spike from the First at the end of 'Showtime.'

2. Andrea

1. Buffy tells Spike she loves him in 'Chosen.'

2. Buffy rescues Spike in 'Showtime.'

3. Spike's dream in 'Out of my Mind.'

4. Buffy tells Spike, 'I believe in you' in 'Never Leave Me.'

5. Spike and Buffy hold hands while they're on fire in 'Chosen.'

3. Rob

1. Kiss at end of OMWF. He eventually gets his girl!

2. I'm not ready for you not to be here' moment :-)

3. Kitten Poker.

4. End of Beneath You - 'Can we rest now?'

5. 'I'm using you William.'

4. Jodi

1. The fight in 'Harsh Light of Day.'

2. The stair scene in 'After Life.'

3. The stair scene in 'The Gift.'

4. The kiss in OMWF. FINALLY!!

5. The whole final scene between B/S in 'Chosen.'

5. Jennie

1. Buffy's acceptance of Spike in the end scene of 'Intervention.'

2. The first meeting of the two in 'School Hard.'

3. Spike's confession at the end scene of 'Beneath You.'

4. Two-sided interrogation in 'Never Leave Me.'

5. Being reintroduced to one another in 'Afterlife.'

6. Trudie

1. End scene in 'Beneath You.'

2. Teaching Potentials and Buffy checks on injured Spike

3. 'After Life' - coming down the stairs.

4. 'Something Blue.'

5. Spike's dream in 'Out of My Mind!'


1. Buffy and Spike in 'Flooded,' the way he pats her shoulder.

2. 'Never Leave Me' - Buffy wiping the blood of his face.

3. The wind rising kiss in 'Once More With Feeling' - the hero gets the girl.

4., Randy and Joan in 'Tabula Rasa' - The way they trust each other and almost kiss.

5. Everything about 'Dead Things.'

8.Caroline ll www

1. Scene in abandoned house during 'Touched'. Makes me cry every time.

2. Willow's spell in 'Something Blue'. You gotta love lovey-dovey Spuffy.

3. The scene in 'Potential' where Buffy's checking his ribs and he holds her hand.

4. 'OMWF'. Surprisingly, not the kiss. The part where she's about to go up in flames and he stops her.

5. 'The Gift'. when Buffy finally invites him back into her house and he's all 'I know that I'm a monster..' *sniff* *sniff*

6. The church scene in 'Beneath You'. I'm crying just thinking about it.

7. 'Showtime' when she frees him. DO YOU SEE THE LOVE?!

8. 'Chosen' - The last scene was good but also the basement scene where she tells him he's her champion!

9. 'Afterlife'. Do you see the tenderness in his eyes when she's walking down the stairs? So much love!

10. 'End of Days' scene when she and him have the whole 'maybe when..' thing going on. I LOVE IT!

9.Carly ll www

1. The 'Were you there with me?' 'I was' moment in End of Days.

2. Buffy defending Spike to Giles in 'Lies My Parents Told Me' - 'There's a connection between you'

3. The looks Buffy and Spike give each other in 'Potential' when they take the SIT's to the bar. It's just so 'Kids today, huh?'

4. 'God, help me Buffy, it's still all about you' in Sleeper.

5. Spike being jealous of Richard in 'Older and Far Away' - 'Ooh, Buffy, can I get you a soda pop? I think I'm in loooove'

6. The 'You're the one' scene in Touched.

7. The crypt door scene in Dead Things, the 'Do you even like me?' discussion and the hallucinations.

8. 'I love you' 'No, you don't. But thanks for saying it'

9. The discussion in 'Never Leave Me' about since Spike fell in love with Buffy he's 'Come to redefine the terms pain and torture'

10. 'You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be. You are' Love that scene.

10.Haley ll www

1. The scenes in 'Touched', obviously.

2. 'Chosen'. Need I say more?

3. In 'Potential' when they are demonstrating something to the potentials, and Spike is still hurt, and she tries to help him out, and he holds her hand..aww.

4.The end of 'Intervention'.

5. Their first REAL kiss in 'Once More with Feeling.'

6. 'Something Blue.'

7. When they bring the house down in 'Smashed'.

8. In 'Gone' when she rips open his shirt. Yum.

9. When Buffy finds out Spike is in love with her.

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10. When they tell Buffy's mom that they're in a band. :o)

11.Priscilla ll www

1. The whole 'giving the amulet' scene. 'That pride thing was just a smoke screen.' 'Thank God.'

2. In 'Fool for love', the porch scene.

3. 'Can we rest now?' Church scene in 'Beneath You'.

4. ---

5. Buffy re-invites Spike in her house in 'The Gift', and he swears to protect Dawn ('Until the end of the world, even if that happens to be tonight.')

6. 'Gotta hand it to you, Goldilocks. You do have bleeding, tragic taste in men.' In season 4, when Professor Walsh tries to kill Buffy. 'I got a cousin married to a regurgitating Frovalox demon that's got better instincts than you.' Hilarious.

7. Spike and Buffy sitting in the DeSoto during 'Crush'. 'Do you like the Ramones?'

8. Randy and Joan. 'Ready Randy?' 'Ready Joan.'

9. 'Lies my parents told me.' The scene at the very end. 'You try anything again, he'll kill you. (Robin laughs) More importantly, I'll let him.'

Spike Kitten Poker Videos

10. This would've been a lot higher up there if Spike hadn't returned for Angel in Season 5. 'I love you.' 'No you don't, but thanks for saying it. I wanna see how it ends.' Then he bursts out laughing and coughing in flames.

12.Mandy ll www

1. Abandoned house scene in 'Touched'. One of my favorite scenes ever!

2. Buffy saving Spike in 'Showtime'.

3. The ending of 'Beneath You'.

4. 'Something Blue'

5. Randy and Joan in 'Tabula Rasa'.

6. The kiss at the end of OMWF.

7. Buffy telling Spike she loves him in 'Chosen'.

8. When Buffy checks on Spike and he holds her hand in 'Potential'.

9. Bringing down the house in 'Smashed'.

10. Kitten poker in 'Life Serial'.

13.Enchantress ll www

1. Touched - you all know the scene! *Swoon*.

2. Showtime - where he realizes it's really Buffy who's come to rescue him and they walk off together.

3. Afterlife - where he gazes up at her from the bottom of the stairs, and then holds her hurt hands. aww.

4. Potential - the touchey bit at the beginning, and then the Amanda chat about the 'badness', and of course the 'When did you find his crypt comfy?' awkward moment later on. So, so cute.

5. Never Leave Me - 'I believe in you.'

Spike Kitten Poker Game

6. Hells Bells - 'You Glow'. and all the sweetness that went on in that scene.


7. Life Serial - the kitten poker, and the bit before in his crypt. especially the dimpled smile he gives her. So, so cute.

8. Gone - naughty invisible Buffy and her naughty invisible fun with Spike.

9. Chosen - the champion talk.

10. Chosen - the bit where she goes down to see him. We'll never know what happened. but I love to imagine.

14.storywise ll www

1. Smashed sex scene.

2. Beginning of Wrecked.

3. Intervention Kiss.

4. Buffy/Spike interaction in Becoming II.

Spike Kitten Poker Games

5. Buffy's dream sequence during Dead Things..especially the bed part.

6. As soon as the music starts playing -- Buffy and Spike place their hands opposite eachother on the crypt door -- all the way up until the song cuts off. (Dead Things.)

7. Conversation between Buffy and Spike before the Attempted Rape in Seeing Red

8. Something Blue - Spike's chained to Giles's bathtub and Buffy's all, 'look at my poor neck.'

9. Can I combine, Who are You?/Superstar into one? Those two epis' really established that there's a real mutual attraction there between them underneath all the bluster and bs.

10. 'I have come to redefine the words pain and suffering since I fell in love with you.' Spike's words to Buffy in Never Leave me.

15.Tami Brandt ll www

1) Buffy finally telling Spike she loves him in 'Chosen'

2) 'School Hard' PTA fight scene

3) 'Dead Things' where Spike tries to take care of everything for her

4) 'Becoming Part 2' when Spike forms a truce with Buffy

5) 'Fool For Love' when Spike shows her how the other slayers made a mistake

6) 'Harsh Light of Day' Fight in the Quad

7) 'Afterlife' when she confides in him at the end

8) Any Spuffy sex scene

9) 'Tabula Rasa' kiss

10) 'Into The Woods' when Spike alerts her to what Riley is up to

16.Jess ll www

1) Spike tells the scoobies how wrong they are for voting Buffy 'off 1630 revello' in Season 7.

2) Spike has a deep confessional with Buffy and heartfelt words following the scoobies casting her out.

3) Buffy sacrifices Angel to save the world.

4) Willow desperately misses Tara and loves her, all the while unknowning 'The First Evil' is toying with her mind.


6) Xander discusses Anya with Xander in 'Chosen' proclaiming 'That's My Girl..'

7) Faith at the end of 'Chosen' asks Buffy '..how's it feel?'


8) Willow & Xander's movie game in season two.

9) Buffy feels a little sibling rivalry with Dawn when Joyce refers to Dawnie as her 'lil' pumpkin belly'

10) Just about everything season two has to offer!!

17.kate ll www

1. Spike tells Buffy he loves her in 'Touched'

2. 'Angel said its belongs to a champion' when spike gets the medal in 'Chosen'

3. 'No you don't but thanks for saying it' at the end of 'chosen'

4. When Spike tells Buffy he saw her kissing Angel 'Clearly you don't cause the whole thing was a smoke screen' in 'Chosen'

5. The first time they sleep together in 'Smashed'

6. The kiss at the end of OMWF

7. When they sleep together at the back of the Double Meat Palace

8. 'I'm using you and its killing me,' when Buffy rejects Spike.

9. Kitty poker

10. When Spike tries to rape Buffy, (sounds weird, but very metaphorical, WELL DONE JOSS)

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Disclaimer: Joss is God. The characters are his. I'm merely having fun with them.
Author: Moose
Title: Spike and Halfrek
Notes: Right after 'Older and Far Away'
E-mail: [email protected]

Spike and Halfrek


Spike stopped and turned toward the voice. It was that vengeance demon, Halfreeze..no, Halfrek. He had been on his way to Willie's for a pint of blood after Buffy's never-ending birthday party. His stomach growled in protest as he halted.

'Yeah?' Spike eyed her warily. Why does she look so damn familiar?

'It's me, William,' she said, transforming into..

'Cecily!' Spike's eyes bugged. 'I'll be damned.'

'You're not the only one,' she said with a slight smile, but Spike didn't hear her. Cecily a vengeance demon? Suddenly, he felt very uncomfortable.

'Um, what..you're Halfrek now?'

'Yes,' she said, a bit sadly. 'Can I talk with you for a minute, William? Would that be okay?'

'Sure. I mean, yeah. I guess so.' She gestured toward a park bench and they both sat down.

'You look great,' Spike said, giving her a slight grin.

'You haven't changed either,' Cecily said, then laughed. 'Well, mostly.'

Spike chuckled. 'Yeah, the vampire thing was sorta a shock to me too.'

'It suits you.'

Spike sighed. 'Well, used to at any rate. How's the vengeance gig?'

'Oh, it has its moments. The kids you know. They need me.'

'Uh-huh.' Spike didn't mention what he thought of her curse. While he hadn't minded being trapped in the house with Buffy, the others he could have done without. Especially that whelp making eyes at his girl.

'William, I..wanted to say something to you. For so long now. Being a Justice Demon really gives you perspective on..well, justice.'

'That was a long time ago,' Spike said, wincing.

'No, please. Let me say it.' Spike gave a slight nod and she continued.

'I treated you..well, it wasn't nice of me, William. I..I shouldn't have..rejected? you like that. You were so sweet, and I had this silly idea in my head.. What I'm trying to say, William, is that I'm sorry.'

'It's Spike now,' he said harshly. Why was she making him relive this?

'I'm sorry, Spike.'

Spike thought a moment then sighed. 'No need to be, pet. I was bleed'n ponce back then. You were right to do what you did. I wasn't..'

'No! You were! I..It was me, Wil..Spike. It was me. I was a stupid little girl with such grand ideas about how the world should be. Later..much later, I learned different. And I wished I hadn't..said what I did to you. Wished I said something completely different, in fact.' She shifted uncomfortably on the bench.

Hell, Spike thought. Some things never change. She still was beautiful, and he recalled dimly the depth of emotion he had felt for her. She had been his sun when he was alive. He had tried to fly up to her with poetry only to find his wax wings had melted. After he crashed down to the earth, he never saw the sun again. He became a creature of the night.

'Cecily..Halfrek, whatever. Forget about it. Lot's happened. Things change. Don't beat yourself up over it.' She arched an eyebrow at that.

'You have someone to do that for you?' she asked wryly. Now it was Spike's turn to shift uncomfortably. He didn't say anything.



'What is it between you and that Slayer, anyhow?'

'What do you mean?' he said innocently.

'Don't give me that. Justice Demon here! We can tell when people are lying.'

'You can? Right handy thing that is.'

'You're stalling.'

'Hey, what is this, the Demon Inquisition?' Spike said annoyed.

'No..no. It's just..you can talk to me about these things, Spike.'

Spike laughed. 'Like you got Dawn to talk and make that little wish of hers?'

Halfrek smiled. 'Yes, exactly.'

'I don't need a wish, Cecily. Whatever is between Buffy and I stays wish free.'



'You're different, William.'

'Yes. And it's Spike now.'

'You called me Cecily,' she reminded him. 'And besides, I think there's more William in you than you want to admit.'

Spike snorted in derision. 'Not bloody likely.' Halfrek smiled.

'I was fool to reject you, you know that? I treated you like you were beneath me, remember?' Spike said nothing. Of course he bloody well remembered. He turned his eyes from her, but she grabbed his chin and made him face her.

'Spike, listen to me and listen good. You weren't beneath me then and you aren't now. You're not beneath anyone. Especially some two-bit Slayer with 'issues.' She hurts you again, I'll vengeance her myself. Wish or no wish.'

Suddenly Spike's hands were around Halfrek's throat.

'You bloody well will not!' Spike yelled. Halfrek made a gesture and he flew backwards onto the grass. Spike growled, letting his game-face emerge.

'You love her then,' Halfrek said, her face now unreadably demon.

'Leave her alone. You owe me that much, Cecily. Leave her sodd'n well alone.'

Halfrek sighed, then smirked. 'As you wish, William,' she said, then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Spike slowly regained his feet. 'Bloody hell.' Cecily, a vengeance demon.

'She was bitch enough without the vengeance,' Spike muttered.

'I heard that!' A disembodied voice echoed in the park. Spike chuckled and set off for Willie's again. Maybe a round of kitten poker would cheer him up. After that, stop by the Slayer's house and see if she wanted to come out and play. Or let him in and play. Or..

The end.


Feedback is appreciated!