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Beginners Guide To Triple Triad

Gooooood Afternoon Students,

Ff14 Triple Triad Roulette Matches This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Fun and Games. Get Answers Faster Using Filters Special Thanks to Everyone Who Has Provided Their Word Puzzle Solutions Submit Your Game Solution No Answer? Need some help finding all Triple Triad cards on Final Fantasy XIV? ARR: Triple Triad is the website for you! Here you'll find cards location, challengeable NPCs and much more. There is the 'Duelist' title (which you get from winning 100 Triple Triad tournament matches), 'The Trinity' title (which you get from winning 1,000 Triple Triad roulette matches), and 'Deck Hoarder' (which you get from obtaining 60 unique Triple Triad cards). However, the reward for obtaining any number of cards beyond 60 is just more cards.

My name is Nikko and I’m here to guide you through your first few steps into the Realm of Triple Triad(TT)!

Some History, and reason for the guide:
Triple Triad is a Card based Collectable game originally starring in Final Fantasy VIII. A rather simplistic game brought up to snuff by Square in Final Fantasy XIV
where they have incorporated a various amount of rule sets which could very well be complicated to understand without some guidance (which the game really doesn’t provide).
So Hopefully by the end of this guide you not only have a grasp of how to play and how the various rules work, but you will also be on your way to, if not already, having your
first 30 cards and breaking the first major milestone! So without further ado…

1. Unlocking Triple Triad and How the Game is played.

Beginning your journey to Triple Triad may seem a bit daunting, but it’s really quite simple. Our first step in this long quest is to make our way to the Gold Saucer!
Unlocking the Gold Saucer is a pretty simple process that quickly streamlines you through all of the available events within GS. It will briefly explain what Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing, Gates, etc are while providing a bare-bones play guide to get you started. If you have not done the quest to gain entry into Gold Saucer you will be looking for the Well-Heeled Youth in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald Cords: (x9,y9)
to accept the quest It Could Happen to You. After watching the brief cutscene and retrieving your prized Gooooolden ticket you’ll want to make your way down to the Ul’dah Airship Landing and talk to the NPC Elyenora,
finally granting you access to the famous Manderville Gold Saucer. From this point I recommend taking a moment, completing the next few quest you get inside the Gold Saucer and returning once done. At this point, you’ll have
access to everything and anything, Including our beloved Triple Triad.

At first glance Triple Triad will either confuse you or make you go ‘well this is easy…’ and that’s okay. Generally, this is a game of basic math and some wits where you will be pitted against a single opponent (NPC or PC)
and will try to steal each other’s cards, by the end of the game you would want to have more card blue, then red. The way this works is each card has 4 Sides with a number ranging from 1-9 and the letter A Acting as 10 (The highest Possible Number on a card). Your goal as the player, in most scenarios,
is to take over lower numbered cards with higher numbers with the greatest yield for taking over (Within the 30second time limit you are allotted per turn). The more the merrier!

See Example: Here we have the Terra Card who is Left 5 Up A Right A Down 2 Since she has Double A’s she is great
for taking over 1-2 cards at a Time! We see she takes over both the Ahriman Card and Sabotender card due to A being higher than 2 and 3. If you also look in the top left corner you will notice in the first screen shot of the 10 cards, 4 are blue
and 6 are red putting me in a losing position, but on screenshot 2 you’ll see that Terra netted me 2 more cards putting me in the winning position!

There are a few exceptions to the rule of a normal Triple Triad game which we will get to below but
for now, the basics are Higher numbers beat lower numbers! Simple as that! At first, some opponents will seem a bit daunting, but don’t fret! Once you have a better grasp of the game, hit your first Milestone of 30 cards and get some practice under your belt
things ease up quite a bit!

2. This is Easy! Oh, wait… The heck is this!?

Welcome to the land of What the heck is that! In this Section we will be going over the Rulesets you will potentially run into during your time playing Triple Triad! Unlike Final Fantasy VIII, where you could build a god deck and train roll over everyone, FFXIV livens it up a bit with new Rules to the Game.
As a new player, I had no idea what they did, or how badly they could kick you in the butt (especially if you mindlessly play against Roulette NPCs!). It adds a lot of flavor to the game and actually has you thinking outside of the box for different NPCs. Some easier than others.
Here I will provide the list of Potential Rulesets you can run into and how I personally Rank them in terms of annoyance. Do note that while each NPC comes with their own Rulesets from this list, there is also the Regional Rulesets that affect every area, changing daily. So while one day an NPC may have Fallen Ace, Chaos as the default Rules, the Regional could also add
any other ruleset in the game up to a total of 2, making it go from a 2 rule match to a 4 Rule Match. Pretty Spicy!

*Plus – 1/5 Easiest Rule to Have.

One of the Rules I consider your best friend. Plus gives you the ability to take over cards by adding up the two+ sides of your Card with the opponent’s card, taking over potentially impossible cards.
As an Example: Here we see Ghutwint open with Blue Dragon, where I follow up with a Corner Courel which he Promptly takes over with Chocobo. Utilizing the Starter deck theoretically I have no way to defeat either card
with how the board is laid out but… Due to Plus, you can see Dodo saves the day, stealing both cards with the plus ruleset! 5+4=9 and 7+2=9 allowing my weak Dodo to take over both cards! Hows’ that for a kick in the pants Mr. Of the Three Diamonds!

*Same – 2/5 Easy Rule, but not particularly easy to play around. Usually better to use a Higher card deck depending on the NPC.
Another Ruleset I tend to find a decent best friend if built to abuse it. While not nearly as effective as Plus, Same allows you to take over cards with, well, the same number on each side.
As an Example: You’ll see that Jonas Begins with Spriggan as the first card, and I bait with a Sabotender on the second turn, a Moogle his 3rd turn and Courel the 4th Turn which forces his AI to take over both Sabotender
and Courel with his Sabotender. As a Result I am able to drop Bomb in between My Original Sabotender and his Spriggan, stealing both cards due to the SAME mechanic.

Continuing off of Same and Plus, combo is less of a Rule and more of a Benefit, it isn’t listed as a rule but accompanies the two above.
As an Example: Here we See King Elmer has taken over virtually all my cards, and I’m losing pretty bad. Luckily for me, Plus is in effect so I can drop lil ole Moogle here in the top Right corner netting me both my Amal’ja and Elmers Gilgamesh all in one card! (Because 7+4=11 and 8+3=11)
but not only do I get those too, since Ixal has a lower number both on top and on right I also combo take him, and if Sylph had been red, her as well!. Combos for days mi amigos.

*Roulette – */5 Depends on what it gives you.
Roulette is a pretty Simple rule to understand… RANDOMSIES. Any NPC who has the Roulette Rule is just that, they get a Random Rule every time. One time Plus, the Next Chaos, the Third Swap! Who knows!?

*Order – 2/5 Orders difficulty really depends on your ability to adapt.
Order does exactly what it says, it forces you to play your cards from Top left all the way down to bottom right. Usually, requires changing your deck around a bit because your deck layout will heavily influence your win streaks or not.
Say you have your best cards first, and worst last in order, you would be forced to play those great cards as soon as your match began. Generally against a new NPC with Order I recommend playing a practice match, and then adjusting your deck as needed. Not too difficult.

*Chaos – 4/5 I hate this RuleSet, tends to make Games a coin toss.
Well, what can I say… If you pay attention to the Free Company chat, I am 100% sure you’ve seen me complain about Chaos at least once. It turns Triple Triad more into a game of luck than a game of wit, skill, and math. It forces you to play, much like order, off of being told which
cards you may, or may not play during your turn. Unlike order though it is completely random. 1st turn Best card in your hand? Oh, thanks, Chaos. What, you can take over 3 of his cards with one of yours? How about no. Heres an Apkallu card (please don’t put Apkallu in your deck). Unless you have a deck specifically built
to be nothing but extremely high numbers and very versatile, this Ruleset really causes the game to be more of an annoyance than fun, especially if it’s on someone you have to hard farm for cards.

*Fallen Ace – 1/5 One of easier rules on the player. Makes some harder NPCs Easier to beat.
Fallen Ace is a nice one, much like the name Fallen Ace causes all A’s on cards to have one weakness… to 1’s. Some NPCs, like the Battle Hall overseer like to use a few Ace cards of their own and in the beginning where you may lack
any real cards of use you will find utilizing the Fallen Ace Mechanic, could very well help you win. It’s overall a simple mechanic, but can be very useful if you are mindful of your deck composition.

*Sudden Death – 1/5 Saves you some MGP if you are going to Draw.
It is what it is with this one. Some NPCs have this Rule, and all it really means is if you draw, it goes into ‘Sudden Death’ the only difference between this and starting a fresh game with the same NPC is that it Jumbles the cards up on the board.
As a written Example, Say you start with Courel, Chocobo, Moogle, Messenger Moogle, and Ixal while your Opponent starts with Minfilia, Ifrit, Garuda, Shiva, and Cid. You guys hit a draw, so you keep the 1 card in your hand, Moogle, but you get back Shiva, Cid, Messenger Moogle and Ixal.
All that happens now is you begin the game again! Simple as that.

*All Open – 1*/5 (Unless paired with Chaos 5*/5)
All Open is another ‘is what it is’ Rule. It basically means all your and your opponents cards are visible to each other. Generally makes games easier for you, unless paired with chaos as it generally ends up in the AIs favor if your deck isn’t versatile and powerful.

*Three Open – 1*/5 (Unless Paired with Chaos 4*/5)
Much like All open, the only difference being 2 cards will stay hidden while the other 3 are shown.

*Ascension – 1/5 Makes certain NPCs a breeze.
Another of my favorite Rulesets, and easily one of your best friends after you get a few cards that have an archetype (even better after you gain the 30 and 60 card achievement unlocks.)
Ascension basically makes it so that every time you play 1 of the 4 Archetypes (Scion, Garlean, Primal, and Beastman) they get a +1 to them as a whole. This goes for both you and the opponent. It makes it very easy to beat cards that you normally would not be able too.
It is important to mention that cards cannot go any higher than 10 (A) even with Ascension.

As an Example: Here you can see I ran a Split Garlean, Beastman deck with a Terra Support. Between the Imperial Indolent and myself, both dropping Garlean cards we managed a +5 making it impossible for my Terra to take over his Gaius Despite a 5 Vs A due to the +5 Making his Gaius an A.

*Decension – 2/5 Can ruin some decks if not paying attention.
Much like Ascension, Decension plays off of the 4 Archetype cards, but unlike Ascension, it is more of a pain than a boon. Decension does exactly what it says, every time you play an archetype card it lowers all by -1. Not too bad so long as you pay attention to the rules
and avoid a themed deck, but could end up messing you up if you run any Typed cards at all. It is important to mention, like with Ascension, cards cannot go lower than 1.

As an Example: You can see here, that I ran a beastmen deck against an NPC with Decension as their regional rule, due to that by the end of the match all Beastman type cards on field and in hand took a total of -6 to their stats.

*Swap – 1*/5 Very easy rule, actually helps out during a few matches while Lower Leveled, can be a tad annoying later on though.
Swap is pretty easy before the match begins one card from each player is traded until the end of the match. It’s never the same card!

3. The road to 30. Calcul terme grossesse roulette chez.

Now that we have the basics, various ruleset and how they work out of the way it’s time we get you on your road to 30. Why 30 cards you ask? Well with 30 cards that get you out of the beginner’s portion of ‘limited to 1 rare card, and 4 1 stars.’ After 30, you can use alllll the 2 Star cards your little heart desires. Eventually, after you hit 60 cards that will allow you to utilize
as many 3stars! Wow, doesn’t that motivate! While the First set of cards does well throughout various matches, getting more cards is always a beautiful thing (and makes winning easier.) Diversity is a key thing in life, so better apply it to Triple Triad as well!

You have 3 main ways to get cards at this point in the game and that’s:
Winning them from NPCs/Tournaments
Farming them from Enemy Drops
Purchasing them

The general rule of thumb is Purchasing them is generally something you don’t want to do. Occasionally buying packs to either break the limit for 30 and 60 is Okay, or for Senor Sabotender/Nanamo Ul Namo/Cloud Strife – all of which will most likely be out of your current MGP Budget if you are just starting up.

My recommendation is to hunt down some of these easy NPCs, get yourself in some good standing, or make your way into some Unsynced Dungeons and start farming!

Directly after Grabbing your Starter deck I would Recommend playing some matches again…
Guhtwint of the Three Diamonds – Easy – Chocobo (1 Star), Scarface Bugaal Ja (2 Star) Plus Ruleset.
Triple Triad Master – Easy – Spriggan (1 Star)
Jonas of the Three Spades – Easy – Moogle (1 Star), Ixal (1 Star)
King Elmer – Medium w/Strat – Bahamut (5 Star), Godbert (3 Star) -> [url=]Strategy[/url]

Wydra “Greenhands” Lyehga – Easy – Apkallu (1 Star)
Prideful Stag – Easy – Lost Lamb (1 Star)
Nell Half-full – Medium – Brendt, Brenna, & Bremondt (3 Star) – She can be a pain, but does have PLUS and SAME.
Hall Overseer – Hard – Terra Branford (5 Star), Magitek Colossus (2 Star) – He is far from Easy, but due to Fallen Ace and chaos combo you MAY be able to beat him. Very RNG.

Maisenta – Easy – Cobly (1 Star), Sylph (1 Star)
Mother Miounne – Easy – Mother Miounne (2 Star), Goobue (1 Star)
Noes – Medium – Gaelicat (1 Star)
Vorsaile Heuloix – Hard – Has a Timer – Good King Moggle Mog XII (3 Star), Ramuha (4 Star), Papalymo & Yda (3 Star), Kan-E-Senna (5 Star) – May have to wait until you break 30 Cards. Depends on your Luck.

Momodi – Easy – Momodi Modi (2 Star)
Wymond – Easy – Coblyn (1 Star)

Baderon – Easy – Sahagin (1 Star), Baderon Tenfingers (2 Stars)

Fufulup – Medium – Thancred (3 Star)

F’hobhas – Easy – Mutamix Bubblypots (2 Star)
Roger – Easy – Pudding (1 Star), Morbol (1 Star)

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Gegeruju – Medium – Y’shtola (3 Star), Minfilia (4 Star) – Recommend getting both cards at once.

Memeroon – Easy – Tonberry (1 Star), Amal’ja (1 Star), Memeroon (2 Star)

Mimidoa – Varies on Deck – Siren (2 Star), Biggs & Wedge (2 Star)
Trachtoum – Easy – Moogle (1 Star), Titan (3 Star).

Indolent Imperial – Medium – Livia sas Junius (2 Star), Rhitahtyn sas Arvina (2 Star), Nero tol Scaeva (3 Star), Gaius Van Baelsar (5 Star) – May have to wait until after 30 cards depending on luck. Beast deck does well.

Kotokaze – Easy – Kotokaze (2 Star)

Ercanbold – Easy – M’naago (2 Star)

With either luck, hunting, or online resources I’m sure you could find alternatives to some of the NPCs I’ve put up here, but for the most part these guys were the quickest and easiest route for me personally to get
my 30 card achievement, and then further through them begin making my way to the 60 card break.

Triple Triad Roulette Matches Results

So, all in all if you guys have been following Lil’ ole Nikko to this point, hopefully not only do you now have a better grasp of Triple Triad as a game but you have also achieved the 30 Card milestone allowing you to break free of
the chains that once kept you from being the best like no one ever was! Having the ability to utilize unlimited 2 stars really opens up your possible strategies and makes a world of difference when farming NPCs that would have
originally given you grief sub-30, and it only gets better once you pass 60!

I hope my guide on Triple Triad, and the path to 30 helps you out!

This N-n-n-nikkooooooooooo Signing Outtttttttt.

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