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The Roulette Betting System. So you’ve probably heard of the roulette system where you bet on a color, or Odd/Even, and simply double your bet whenever you lose. When you win, your bet resets to the initial amount. Theoretically, this is a foolproof system. Martingale betting system is one of the roulette strategies that many players use to help improve their winnings. The betting system is easy to follow and does not need complex math calculations to work. You simply have to increase your bet after each loss so that when you eventually win, you get back the money you have lost.

I don't care who knows about it and I'm not trying to sell it. I know some of the members on this site have coding expeariance as does the site owner and I just want someone to proove me wrong, if I am!
in a nutshell. On a normal roulette table there are several ways to bet, some of the odds are seemingly good (17-1 53-1) but I prefer the 2-1 bets, these are streets and the 12s. On a street (I believe im using this term right, I mean the pay lines at the back of the table as in the line 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34) on each line you have a little less than 1/3 chance of winning. I believe I saw on one site a stat of 31.8%. The few times I have been to casinos with real roulette, I play two of them usually the outside two. If the ball lands on any one number on those two lines you win 2-1 which means you loose one bet and tripple the other giving you a gain of 1 betting unit per bet. If the stat I saw was right 31.8% this should mean that the odds if you pick two of them is 63.16%
You may loose several bets in a row to a ball landing on the one line you diddnt play or on 0 or 00 but overall this system statistically should win. Unless Im wrong.
If I am wrong please explain to me how using math, or a code test, I would appreciate the help in the event I am wrong but according to the math I dont think I am
  1. Any system where the player has infinite money can be used to beat the casino. While casinos have a lot of money, it is not infinite, just very large compared to most players bankrolls.
  2. The Martingale System. The most famous of all betting systems is the Martingale System, and it’s.
Assuming your numbers are correct, let's take $2,000 to the casino and bet it $20 ($10 on two groups of 12) at a time for 100 bets..
We'll do them right in a row..63 wins followed by 37 losses..
Win 1 unit 63 of the time @ $20 a bet =Bet $1260 and return of $1890 with $740 remaining to bet from the original amount..now you have $2630
Lose 2 units 37 of the time @ $20 a bet = Lose $740..now you have $1890.
Even simplified like this, the house advantage is almost correct (within $5, based on the rounding)
This is a loser..can it win sometimes? Sure. It is still a loser..
This is how James Bond played Roulette in the book (not movie) 'Casino Royale', so you're not the first to think of it. I've tried it a few times and it seemed boring and didn't make me any significant money.
I don't have anything that runs long-term projections for Roulette or I'd do those for you. I am guessing that it ends up being very close to the HE, though. If this system worked consistently, Roulette would have been modified to reduce its effectiveness by now.

This is how James Bond played Roulette in the book (not movie) 'Casino Royale', so you're not the first to think of it. I've tried it a few times and it seemed boring and didn't make me any significant money.
I don't have anything that runs long-term projections for Roulette or I'd do those for you. I am guessing that it ends up being very close to the HE, though. If this system worked consistently, Roulette would have been modified to reduce its effectiveness by now.

I played this way for several days in Las Vegas on one of our earlier trips. I would bet $25-$100 on two of the groups of 12. I lost a lot of money and had a host want to meet me. Unless you are a really high-level player at a low house edge game, meeting a host is not a good sign!!!
Ignore the layout of the felt. Go by sections of the 0/00 wheel and then target those sections of 12 contiguous numbers on each side of the wheel.
Sometimes you will be betting the first and second dozen , the second and the third dozen , or the third and the first dozen.
Once you have mastered this you can go further and eliminate 2 numbers from the 24 pockets and operate on a reduced scale. It`s nly one number on each half of the wheel.
Just keep following the action of the wheel.
Come on guys. the dozen bet pays 2:1, while the probability of a hit is 12/37 = 32.4%. This should not be too complicated, the dozen bet is negative EV (3*12/37 - 1 = -2.7%).
Playing two dozen bets does not change this very EV. If you play two dozen bets, the odds are 1:2, the probability of a hit is 24/37.
The EV of the combined bet is . Surprised ?
The two-dozen bet is as good (or as bad) as any other bet you make. The only thing it chances is variance. But if you want low variance, why don't you play the triple dozen bet ?
RouletteI have an online casino that I offer to all my players.
I would be thrilled if they would use the system.
'I am a man devoured by the passion for gambling.' --Dostoevsky, 1871
First time I was in Vegas, I'd play two 12-sets at a time for $25 each and leave when I made $50. It went very well.
Last night, I bought in for $20 and put $3 down on 6 numbers and $2 elsewhere. It hit 00. Fuck roulette.
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I wonder which is more:
A. Number of players to believe they have a long-term winning betting system.
B. Number of players to believe they could invent a casino game equal or better to what is out there now.
C. Number of players to believe both A and B.
D. Number of times somebody has remarked 'The hard part is keeping the weight off' in the HB challenge thread.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
My wife (Who hates gambling) has played Roulette 7 total times and won 5 times with the same number in 3 different countries: The #17
What are the odds of that???
Last victory was last Saturday. Next time, I'm in a Casino with her; I'm putting $100 straight-up on the #17.
Craps is the most 'Jekyll and Hyde' casino game ever invented!

You will come across a number of attractive options for betting money on roulette matches when online. Here are a few of the more popular roulette betting systems that you can use right now. These all work with their own standards for playing and should be checked carefully so you can get the most out of your experience at the roulette table.

1. Martingale

The Martingale option is the first choice to look into. This is where you double your bet after a loss. This works in that you will bet twice as much as what you originally bet on a loss and will keep doing this until you win. This is often done to reduce the total losses that you have at a game. You should still watch for how deep those losses can be though.

2. What Is the Grand Martingale?

Grand Martingale

The Grand Martingale system is a little different. In this, you triple the value of your bet after a loss. That is, when you lose on a 10-unit bet, your next bet goes to 30 units.

3. Labouchere

The next of the roulette betting systems to use is a Labouchere system. This works with these steps to keep the setup running right and with enough care:

  • Take a row of numbers with the same end number. This could entail 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 used together.
  • Add the first and last numbers together. In this example it would be 60 off of 10 and 50. This is the number of units you will bet at a given time.
  • When you win a bet, eliminate the highest number. This would require you to bet less money on the next bet. You would go for 50 units on your bet as you add 10 and 40.
  • If you lose, add a number to continue the pattern and play from there. In this case, you will use 70 units on your next bet from adding 10 and 60.

4. D’Alembert

D’Alembert system

The D’Alembert setup is the third to see. This is used as an equilibrium bet as you will feel that when a certain number comes up that it will not be as likely to appear again. It is with the belief that everything evens out on a table. In reality, this might not work as there is always the chance that the bet will be incorrect.

5. Fibonacci

The Fibonacci plan is where you add a number in the Fibonacci sequence. You can get 3 units and then move up to 5 if you lose. You can then go to 8 if you lose again and then to 13, 21, 34 and so forth. You can go back by a number in the sequence if you have a winning bet.

6. Paroli


Another of the top roulette betting systems is the Paroli. You will increase the value of your bet as you win. This is the opposite of many choices you have seen so far as this focuses on you getting a larger bet when you win instead of when you lose. If you win on a 10-unit bet, you can place 20 units on the next and then 40 units if you win that second bet and so forth.

7. Oscar’s Grind Changes It Up

Oscar’s Grind is another selection that you can take with you to the table. With this, you will use these rules:

  • Always bet a certain total on the first bet.
  • Use that same total on the next bet if you lose. You should also reduce your total by one unit in terms of deciding your betting plan.
  • When you win, increase your gaming total by one unit.
  • As you get to a positive number of units, you can start to double your bets. This works as you will bet more when you have more momentum in your bets.
  • After losing while you have more units, reduce that total number of units by one. Reduce the value of your bet if necessary too.

This plan is often used to help you enjoy the most out of a bet. It can give you an entertaining way to make money and should be used properly for the best results.

8. Shotwell Covers the Board

Sometimes it helps to bet on various numbers at a time based on particular totals. With this, you can place one bet on a six-number layout and four other straight up bets. This is done to give you a chance to get a big payout running. This could give you a good shot at a special payout and can be rather attractive but you should at least space everything out. When you get the four straight up bets and one six-number layout bet going, you will have ten numbers to work with. This can be useful for when you’re looking to get a great payout.

9. Chaos Reigns on Some Roulette Betting Systems

A chaos strategy is where you will bet at random on different spins. You can use this to even out the total values of the bets you are placing. This could be interesting as you keep the betting appealing but this could also work improperly if you are not cautious. You have to plan out how you will even out those bets throughout a gaming session.

Roulette Betting Patterns

Of course, this might also entail you throwing chips onto a table at random. While it is true that there is no real way how you can predict where the ball will land, you should still look carefully at how you are spreading out the bets and that you can cover more options just to hedge the risk involved with a spin.


Roulette Betting Systems That Work

The excitement that comes with all of these choices for playing at a roulette table are worth looking into. All of these roulette betting system options are varied based on how you will handle your funds and what may occur when trying to establish a good bet. Good luck with using one of these systems at your next gaming session.

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