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Oct 16, 2014

Blackjack in Macau: Advice and Strategy. A decade ago, Blackjack in Macau was like the Wild West – there was no order and it seemed like every casino played by their own rules. It was confusing and contradictory, but ultimately good for the player, with a 0% house edge game at New Orient Landmark and 0.08% games at Wynn and MGM. The Blackjack rules at Wynn Palace is the same as Wynn Macau. And still free drinks. I didn't count how many tables there were but it doesn't look no more than Wynn macau. Minimum is at $500. Where at Wynn macau there are some $300 tables. There are no Poker room or Craps at palace. There are EZ Baccarat tables (Dragon 7).

Forget about Las Vegas. Go to Macau to play blackjack!

Macau is known for baccarat, but it also has some of the best blackjack tables in the world. If you ever find yourself in this fantastic city check out a few casinos on this list.

Forget about Las Vegas. The Chinese city of Macau (formerly a Portuguese colony) is now the world’s gambling center. In 2013 its 30-some casinos pulled in a combined $45.2 billion in revenue, utterly dwarfing the $6.2 billion done by Vegas.

And much of Macau’s gambling billions come from players laying down massive bets on baccarat, the game of choice for thousands of wealthy Chinese gamblers. However, blackjack is day-by-day gaining a bigger following in Macau.

Casinos are investing in more tables as more gamblers across Asia are taking an interest in the game. Here are some of the best places in Macau to play this fantastic table game.

Wynn Macau

Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn has built one of Macau’s biggest and most luxurious casinos, which also happens to be one of the places in the city most conducive to winning at blackjack.

The most player-friendly blackjack table at the Wynn has a house edge of only .09 percent, one of the lowest you’ll see anywhere on Earth! Dealers stand on soft 17s!

You must be wondering: “there’s a catch. No casino would offer the player almost even odds. What’s the deal?”There is a catch is that the minimum bet is HKD 1,000 (about $128).

This is the best blackjack table in Macau, and maybe anywhere, but it is high-rollers only. However, the Wynn offers lower stakes tables with higher house edges. Whatever your budget, there is something for you.

Venetian Macau

Never to be outdone by his friend and rival Steve Wynn, Sands China chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson has also put up one of the grandest casinos in a city known for glitz, glamour and limitless piles of money.

Venetian Macau

The Venetian features a high limit ($128) table with a very inviting house edge of .16 percent, better than many you’ll find outside of the Wynn and a few others. If that bet size is a little outside of your budget, there are also hundreds of tables offering hands starting at $39.

And if you’re looking to take a break from the blackjack table, the Venetian is known as Macau’s premier entertainment venue, having hosted star-powered acts like Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

The City of Dreams

This not-so -modestly named mega casino is everything it claims to be: an absolutely stunning miracle of human design and engineering available only to those carrying very large sums of money.

While many Macau casinos have warmed up to mass market gamblers, “the city” remains high-rollers only. You won’t find many tables with limits under $128, but the house edge on these upper limit tables is a favorable .16 percent.

As for overall amenities, the City of Dreams includes three hotels and a total of 1,400 rooms, and the House of Dancing Water show directed by Franco Dragone is one of the best entertainment attractions in the entire city.

Wynn macau blackjack rules card game

The Grand Lisboa

The 12-story Grand Lisboa is a city icon, built in 1970 by Lawrence Ho long before Macau was opened up to foreign casino investors. It has become a mainstay due to its architectural brilliance as well as its willingness to open its doors to mass market gamblers.

The Grand Lisboa, Macau

The Lisboa isn’t a huge casino by the standards of the day, but it features enough blackjack rules variations and minimum bet sizes to cater to almost any blackjack player.

There are tables as low as $6, albeit with a house edge of .52 percent. But if you’re a true higher roller, the upper limit blackjack tables have a house edge of only .16 percent and allow you to wager up to $380,000 per hand.

We truly mean it when we say that the Grand Lisboa has something for everyone, a feature which is lacking in most Macau casinos.


The MGM Grand Macau

This is one of several Vegas-style mega casinos in Macau, and offers the same player-friendly blackjack rules you’ll find in the Wynn and Venetian Macau: dealer stands on soft 17, unlimited splits (including re-splitting aces) and early surrender is allowed.

The MGM offers an upper limit game with a house edge of only .09, tantalizingly low. For those looking to wager small amounts the house edges aren’t too shabby either. The casino has hundreds of gaming tables, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t find what you’re looking for.


Pharaoh’s Palace

This is a little-known local casino located inside the Landmark Hotel, which probably wouldn’t be known at all if not the for the unique blackjack rules variations offered there.

Pharaoh’s Palace, Macau

It has the same rules offered at most Macau casinos (see MGM Grand) but has a few interesting twists not seen anywhere else. For example, any time the player makes a five card hand they have half their bet returned automatically, unless the dealer shows an ace.

Is Wynn Macau Open

In addition, the player receives a tantalizing 3-1 payout on any three-card hand containing 777 or a suited 678. These rules are so good that Macau insiders claim that if one uses flawless basic strategy there is no house edge at all. Imagine what someone can do using a card counting system!

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Oct 18, 2014

Wynn Macau News

Macau casinos are the best for winning at blackjack

Macau is known for baccarat, but it has become the best place in the world to play blackjack as well. Here’s why.

In the global gambling division of labor, Las Vegas is the leader of the blackjack world while Macau is the mecca of baccarat. But while Vegas is officially past its prime, Macau keeps getting bigger and better, and its’ some 30 casinos are branching out with ever-increasing numbers of blackjack tables.

Vegas has nostalgia on its side, the respect afforded to a time-honored traditional gambling hub that was the center of the casino world for so long. But Macau has so much more to offer: more luxurious casinos, more high stakes tables and best of all, lower house edges than you’ll typically find in Las Vegas.

While Vegas blackjack has been ruled by classic “Vegas Strip rules” for decades, “Macau rules” are what’s hot today. And we mean it when we say this blackjack rules variation is more advantageous to the player.

But before we get into that, we’ll give you a quick refresher on the Vegas Strip rules which Macau is currently improving upon.

The Old: Vegas Strip Blackjack

The blackjack rules which have been the standard for so long are as follows: four decks, dealer stands on a soft 17, player can double down on any two cards and can double down after splitting, aces can’t be re-split, 21 on a split Ace hand does not count as a blackjack, and the payout is 3:2. However, these days casino like the Venetian Sands are offering single-deck Vegas Strip games which only pay out 6:5 on blackjack.

Which of these freedoms is advantageous to the player and which aren’t? For starters, a game dealt from four decks will inherently have a higher house edge than one dealt from a one or two decks. That’s because the deck penetration will be lower, something which is especially important for those using card counting systems.

On the other hand, no re-splits allowed on Aces is pretty standard across any rules variation, and the dealer standing on a soft 17 is very good the player! The dealer’s chance of busting when allowed to hit on a soft 17 is low (only 29%), but they’re chances of beating the player when standing are also low.

The thing that really grinds our gears about Vegas Strip blackjack is that more and more casinos are hosting 6:5 payout games. This truly amounts to a sucker’s bet, adding 1.39% to house edge.

The player will inherently lose more hands than he wins, so he needs to make up for that by capitalizing on the few blackjacks he gets. Switching to 6:5 payouts is a subtle way for casinos to stack the deck heavily against players.

House Edge: 0.35% with a 3:2 payout, 1.74% with a 6:5 payout

The New: Macau Blackjack

Now that we’ve established that Vegas Strip rules aren’t bad but aren’t all that great, let’s take a look at Macau rules and why they ARE so great!

The key rules are as follows: dealt from six decks, dealer stands on soft 17, player can double down on any two cards and after splitting, player can’t re-split aces, and player can take early surrender option.

What we observe in Macau isn’t entirely different from the Vegas Strip, both variations are overall friendly to the player. But two things about Macau blackjack make it special.

The first is the early surrender. This gives the player to option to quit the hand and have half of their bet returned. This is a good idea in many situations, and can reduce the house edge by up to .24%.

Even more important, however, there is no such thing as 6:5 blackjack in Macau. It’s 3:2 or it isn’t blackjack at all.

House Edge: 0.16%

Macau blackjack by the numbers

The standard house edge at Macau blackjack tables is a very low .16 percent. You’ll find this at the Melco Crown, SJM and Venetian, for example. However, some casinos use slight variations on Macau Blackjack rules.

For example, the Wynn Macau and MGM both allow players to re-split Aces, with all other rules being the same. The result is a house edge of only .09%. The Pharaoh’s Palace is reported to have a house edge of zero, making it the best place for winning at blackjack!

On the other hand, the Galaxy is slightly less player friendly. A dealer blackjack trumps a player blackjack on a split hand, and players can only split three hands instead of four. The house edge there is .20%

Reasons not to play in Macau

The only reason we would advise you to play blackjack in Vegas instead of Macau are logistical constraints and table minimums. For most of us living in North America it simply isn’t possible to fly to Macau.

As for table minimums, many Macau casinos offering very low house edges (.09 to .16%) require players to make wagers of no less than HKD 1,000 ($128). For example, the .09% games at the Wynn and MGM have this requirement. Macau has the best blackjack in the world, but it remains mostly for high rollers.

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